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3 Little Known Things About A Cleanroom Pass Box

About A Cleanroom Pass Box

If you have been meaning to transport or transfer items in and out of a cleanroom, but haven’t gotten hold of the perfect equipment yet, you are in for a treat. That’s exactly what a pass box is meant for. And guess what, you can not only use it in a laboratory, or say a hospital, but a pass box can come in really handy in a pharmaceutical or light-industrial environment. For starters, it offers full protection against airborne cross-contamination. Goes without saying that any such contamination or the very possibility of it could take a toll on your research findings. Secondly, as already mentioned, you can use one to transport things.

Here are three things that you may not know about a pass box but should be aware of, before you invest in one:

  1. There are two different types of pass boxes available. The first one is dynamic, which has the necessary equipment for complex air handling. So, if you have an established cleanroom, it is better to go for this one. And if you do decide to invest in one, look for a pass box with interlocking. This way you would get to open one door at a time. And yes, do look out for HEPA filters to be double sure of the fact that there is sufficient protection against cross-contamination. The second one is static. Now, if you could make do with the lack of ventilation, this is a good option. However, it is suggested that you choose a static box if you are to transfer some non-sensitive, fast moving items.
  • One of the major differences between a dynamic pass box and a static one is that the latter should never be used to transfer items if you are to undertake transfer between a clean room and a non-clean room. Of course, their construction differs as well. The design of a dynamic box helps keep dirt and other loose particles at bay. This doesn’t mean that the static version serves no purpose whatsoever. For instance, it’s a good choice if you want to prevent ambient air from entering. As it lacks the filters that a dynamic one brings to the table, it makes up for the lack of it by being an air-lock device.
  • Anyway, what is also important to know is that irrespective of the type of pass box you choose to go ahead with, there’s something you need to pay heed to – a flat surface. Because any such surface will ensure that you are able to clean the pass box without any difficulty and need not invest too much of time and effort into its maintenance. Also, be wary of the construction material. Meaning, any material that could have an adverse reaction should you choose to use a chemical-based cleaning product can do more harm than good, and is better avoided.

So, if a sterile environment is of paramount importance to you and you have been dealing with contaminants for long now, it is advised that you get a pass box at the earliest and prevent contamination from affecting your research in any way.


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