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5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Designing Custom Lash Boxes

Custom Lash Boxes

You may have a better product than your competition, but if your packaging isn’t up to the mark, your sales are not likely to go anywhere. It takes more than a good design to create a successful custom packaging that adds value. Take a look at these five common mistakes brands make when designing their custom lash boxes.

1. Not Designing for Your Target Audience

The packaging is designed for the target customers, not for the boss, trade or legislator. This is one of the common mistakes you’ll observe when business owners end up creating something they love than what their customers like.

Of course, one should love their brand and business but it’s not about you. To design effective custom lash boxes, you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Create an outline based on what your intended audience will like or respond to.

2. Your Packaging isn’t Easy to Open

Ease of opening and closing is one of the most sought-after features that is widely favored by retail customers. Unfortunately, when you fail to provide them a custom lash packaging that requires superhuman strength to open and close, it will ruin the image of your brand. Make your lash boxes easy to open so your customers can instantly get their hands on the product.

But this doesn’t mean that one should compromise on the durability of the packaging. Rather, they should create a container that’s sturdy enough to save your product from external effects and at the same time allow you to open it without exhausting your energy.

3. Seeing Oldie as a Goldie

Some businesses owners still fancy old designs. Though it may work sometimes, it is strongly suggested to avoid them when designing chic product packaging. Because older packaging designs do not attract conscious customers as they have already lost favor with them.

Many established beauty brands have realized this and are now redesigning their packaging to rejuvenate their product boxes in a bid to increase sales and improve the brand image. It’s different from changing your entire packaging design. In fact, it’s a way for you to give the customer a solid reason to pick your product off the shelf.

4. Packaging Copy isn’t Persuasive

The packaging copy can gain you a bad reputation when it’s overly friendly or sickly-sweet. Sure, brands use chatty language and quirky slogans to grab customers’ attention and create a personal connection. But the problem is—it feels patronizing. For example, if you are looking for a smoothie with low sugar content, you would never like to be told to ‘eat your greens’.

Similarly, don’t get lost in the translation when taking your brand globally. Make sure your packaging partner checks your copy with native speakers who are well versed with cultural biases and word nuances. Else, you will end up like General Motors that had to change its automobile name from Chevy Nova to Caribe after the company discovered that ‘no va’ means ‘no go’ in Spanish.

The key to creating the best copy is to remember that your item is not the star. Your customer is. So write your copy by keeping your customers in mind and show how your product solves their problem.

5. Fail to Highlight Product USP

Poor packaging design fails to communicate what it packs and how it is going to help the intended audience overcome a problem. It often happens when you assume your target customers will get it on their own. Unfortunately, it prohibits customers from picking your eyelashes from the retail shelves.

To beat the competition and convince your customers to buy from you, it’s critical that your packaging design must highlight the unique features and benefits of the item. This could low price tag, ease of removal, etc.

Take all unique selling propositions into account and make sure to print them on your lash boxes to improve on-shelf impact.

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