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Find Your Ideal Small Gerber Knife at White Mountain Knives

Ideal Small Gerber Knife

So you’re in the game of selecting an Ideal Small Gerber Knife to accompany you through your trials on the trail or the water, or you’ve decided to make a blade that bears the famous Gerber logo your companion for EDC or for work.

One thing is for certain, though your purposes may be as vast as the trades that encompass the use of blades, you’ve made a good choice. Gerber has proudly manufactured knives for generations and has unflinchingly supplied its customers with the type of fidelity and reliability that those who lean on the help of their blades understand. All that’s left is to choose the right Small Gerber Knife for your purposes, and the choices are many.

Choice of Ideal Small Gerber Knife

A good all-around choice might be Gerber’s Airfoil. Demur yet still attractive, this knife features a 2.7-inch blade with a straight edge and a drop point that utilizes a liner lock.

With such short stature and the strength of a gentle drop point, there isn’t much this knife isn’t well suited for. It excels at manual tasks such as trimming and punching holes due to the integrity of its design, but it can also be used for other tasks such as carving or the cleaning of game.

There might be knives better designed to filet and cape, but this knife will perform the task without flinching. Moreover, its anodized aluminum handle is basically indestructible, meaning this knife will probably outlast the user. For all-around use or EDC, this knife will serve well.

Alternative to Ideal Small Gerber Knife

For a similar knife with different appeal and a slightly larger blade, the Gerber Contrast will shine. Its 3-inch blade is a testament to the versatility of blades in this range, still functioning as what some would call ‘small’ but still impressively able to perform the tasks of larger fixed blades.

Its drop point has features vaguely reminiscent of a false edge, adding strength to the point while giving this profile the advantage of punching resistance. It is equally suited to hard work in the shop or in the field.

If you prefer the integrity of a fixed blade, as many do despite the recent proliferation and acclaim of folders, then the Gerber Epic may be what you seek. Seven and a quarter inches overall, this knife has a few unique features to its name that help define its image and utility.

First off, the knife has a full-through tank and indestructible glass-filled nylon scales, just about the most durable and rugged design that knives have ever seen in their history.

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The tang extends through the back of the scales and features an oversized lanyard hole that doubles as a bottle opener. The knife also has pronounced jimping on the spine to assist the user with grip and give unrivaled control.

As for the blade, it is partially serrated, allowing the knife to serve any purpose you could encounter. Finally, the blade features something unique for partially serrated blades: a sheepsfoot point.

Though not particularly common, especially on fixed blades, a sheepsfoot design gives absolutely peerless strength to the point of the blade, ideal for choking up on the handle to make strong pare cuts or for carving. For a fixed small Gerber knife, this blade is tops.

When you’ve settled on a small Gerber knife, whether you appreciate the above listed or another model, the place to go is White Mountain Knives. White Mountain Knives has a supply the competition can’t match, and orders in the U.S. ship free.

The knives you’re looking for and free shipping? It doesn’t get much better. Head straight to www.whitemountainknives.com today.

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