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Process of the Email marketing campaign

email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails a marketer uses to communicate with a correct and potential audience. They are used to convince the customers to engage with the company. Email marketing campaigns are a vital part of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing attracts the customer by communicating with them and by creating content that helps to find out the answer to the question that they already have.

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Before running email marketing, we should know the process of email marketing that ensures the success of the business. Following are the process of email marketing campaign:

1. Planning marketing strategy: 

First of all, if marketer intends to be a global marketer and achieve milestone then marketer need to make goals. If such goals are not defined properly then you will not find a path in this marathon. Everywhere is competition and you must be proactive before jumping into it. Make sure your goal and path are clear only then you can be able to succeed.

Typical goals of email marketing may include:

  • Welcoming new subscribers
  • Boosting engagement
  • Nurturing existing subscriber
  • Re-engaging subscribers
  • Something your subscribers

2. Gathering data of Target group:

After the determination of goals, it should be clear that which target group addressed. So, the mail addresses of the group member should be gathered or rented. To prevent spam, we should take permission from the member before sending an email, it helps to build trust.  

3. Setting up the database:

At this step, you need to collect other information apart from addresses that are the first name (Fname), last name (Lname), age, gender. This information can be stored n a database and that can be used to personalize the email. You may call it a customization of email.  

4. Know your audience:  

After collecting information you may conclude the audience you will have to make a wise guess so you can target your content. You can also gather data from social media profiles like Facebook. With the help of Facebook insight, you will also be able to know the location, demographics, etc. that will support you to start a successful marketing campaign.  

5. Using technology:  

for be marketing campaign you need to choose and use technology wisely. Best email marketing services have tools to help you create more successful email marketing campaigns like:  

  • Integration of software like WordPress and Opt-in monster.
  • Segmentation of audience.
  • Content creation, templates, and workflows.

6. Create great Optin forms:

Now you need to create great opt-in forms to attract and encourage people to sign up. With the help of words press, you can create an attractive opt-in form. Experimenting with different types of form on different parts/ slides of your site:

  • Welcome gate: When people visit your website this option form appears on the first slide only, so people can get straight to the content when they are ready.
  • Lightbox Pop-up: it appears on any slide of your site and temporarily blanks out the rest of the content on your website. This can also convert very well.
  • Exit-intent pop-up: which appears when people leave the site. Means this pop up comes after when people complete the exploration of your site. This also can create a lead magnet.

7. Plan email and follow-ups:

After knowing your goals, audience’s information email types and audience. Now it’s time to plan your email marketing campaign. By taking a rough idea of the content. For every email marketing campaign, appropriate content must be produced that attracts the target group.

8. Email blast:

personal email for each recipient is created and compiled and sent. During the compilation, the appropriate email format has to be created. For example, the format the recipient prefers the appropriate salutation and possible variable or optional text blocks.

9. Evaluate results:

at last, the result is evaluated based on emailing, broadcasting, quantity orders, and generation of sales. Quality of distribution of links click is captured and analyzed.

Email marketing campaign plays a vital role in the marketing of a product and brand. It is very important to know the process before practising email marketing. Otherwise, instead of earning money and generating profit you will come out with zero, means you will lose the business.

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Tools you can use for Email Marketing.

  • Litmus.
  • Mail Chimp.
  • Reach Mail.
  • Target Hero.
  • Drip.
  • Mad Mimi.
  • Cake Mail.
  • Mailjet.

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