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5 Things to Consider In Choosing a Magician for Wedding


Since this is one of the biggest days of your life and getting everything right can be a bit overwhelming while hiring a magician Sydney for your wedding can prove to be quite a daunting task.

Your minds will not always be on the greater welfare of your guests while during the photos where you are likely to be occupied for just a couple of hours with you are the main focus of attention.

You can add an extra dimension to your guest’s wedding experienced to get a peace of mind in knowing that they are in the good hands as this is where a magician Sydney wedding steps up to.

Today I have compiled a list of 5 such things that you will have to take into account while looking forward to hiring a magician for your big day. You need to be assured of getting the entertainer that your guests deserve when you follow each of the following points.

Different Types of Magician

The type of magician you want to perform on your big day is something that you need to decide beforehand. The following are the types of magicians you need to look into:


You need to decide whether you want entertainment for children or for the adults or as a mix of both worlds. The wedding magicians usually work on entertaining the adult guests but they would be still happy to entertain the kids.


You need to decide whether you want to have just visual magic tricks or also need to involve mind reading into it. Though a mind reader is a specialist in this area which is becoming quite popular in this field as most of the magicians perform both. So, do you want to hire Darren Brown or David Blaine?

Mingling/Close Up

When you are arranging for a wedding magician Sydney for your big day you want a close-up magician who will perform for the people who are standing in groups. This would pretty work in a great way for their drinks reception and evening entertainment.


The price that is involved in arranging a magic show for birthday party is the main factor that is involved here. When you opt for a cheaper magician you can find someone who is foolish. It is essential that anyone can learn a few tricks and call themselves a wedding magician as there is no professional regulatory body that is involved in the magicians.


The price that the magician sets you can well gauge the magician’s quality of entertainment. Do not go by the looks of the website only.

Anyone can pay web designer enough money to create a fantastic looking site, but that doesn’t mean the magician is a good entertainer. Also, do not be drawn in by lines such as “Australia’s top magician…” as this is likely to have been written by the magician themselves. The following points should be seriously taken into consideration when looking over a website.


Testimonials are vitally important to have a thorough read of what past clients have said. Remember, no magician will ever put anything but good comments on his/her website so pay particular attention to the way in which a testimonial has been written, ie if all the comments say “He was great”, or “Brilliant magic” then be wary.


There is no substitute for actually seeing or hearing the magician in action entertaining. Promotional video or radio clips are a great way to do this. If a magician has none of these on his/her website you should doubt how long they have actually been performing as this should be one of the highest priorities for a magician when owning a website.

Live Performance

There is no reason at all why you cannot request the magician to give a live demonstration. This is not always necessary but if you really feel you want to see the magic happen in front of your own eyes and make a judgment then ask! If the magician lives within thirty miles he should be perfectly willing to come to you.

Email Contact/Phone

Many people shy away from calling nowadays with the ease of email. Though emailing your initial request is fine to get a quote, ALWAYS call before booking. Everyone has first impressions when meeting of talking to someone for the first time. Does he sound likable and friendly? You will instinctively know if he is the right man for the job, all other things considered.


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