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Rent Golf Carts? Get a Golf Cart Insurance Quote

Golf Cart Insurance

Golf cart taxis are among the biggest growing businesses in the US right now. There are many cities in the United States that use golf carts as transportation at local events or for short treks around a city when it may be difficult to secure a ride with a driving or taxi service.

You will see golf carts used to get people around town on tours or to get from one bar to another or to just make a commute to a popular tourist destination from a hotel or parking garage.

However the golf carts are used, if you are a golf cart owner or run a golf cart business that rents to local services, you want to be protected from a variety of issues that can come up as part of this transportation. Having golf cart insurance is certainly the way to go.

Today, we will discuss the reasons you should be protected with insurance and how you can get a Golf Cart Insurance Quote.

Before you look into getting a golf cart insurance quote, there are a few things you should know about golf carts and the potential for accidents. There are many factors that can cause a golf cart accident.

A driver may make a sudden sharp turn, which can lead to the cart turning and rolling over. Another factor that can lead to accidents is having too many people on the golf cart at one time.

Some of the factors of a possible golf cart accident are not all that different from driving a normal auto vehicle. Driving too fast, colliding with another golf cart, vehicle or stationary object and driving distracted such as using a phone while driving can all lead to potential disaster.

Some of the numbers from incidents are also staggering. Did you know that, according to Verne Hart, 40 percent of golf cart accidents result in at least one person falling out of the cart and that 10 percent of accidents involve the golf cart rolling over? Another cause of injuries and accidents is small children and teenagers operating the golf carts.

This age group is responsible for nearly 33 percent of injuries and accidents involving a golf cart, according to Lowman Law Firm. Every year, there are approximately 15,000 injuries related to golf cart accidents that require emergency room treatment, according to Verne Hart. All of these numbers are alarming.

This is why any rental service or rental home that has ownership of a golf cart or golf cart taxi service should have insurance to stay protected against accidents and incidents.

Golf carts are being used in many different places now, around neighborhoods, on college campuses, at airports, and the uses are growing by the day.

With so many accidents happening that requires a trip to the emergency room, you want to remain protected with comprehensive liability coverage.

Getting a golf cart insurance quote from XINSURANCE is easy. With just a click of a button, you can get started on getting a quote from XINSURANCE on their website or you can call 877-585-2853 to speak with an underwriter about an insurance policy. With an all-in-one approach that can be completely customized, you can ensure your golf cart is protected from liability.

Some states also require that golf cart owners have liability coverage for golf carts to use the cart on the road. If your golf carts are used anywhere outside of a regular golf course setting, you want to be covered and have an insurance policy, even if you simply use it for recreation on your property or in your neighborhood.

Contact XINSURANCE to find out how you can get a custom golf cart insurance coverage policy that fits all of your needs today.


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