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5 Top Content Marketing Platforms That Will Give You Millions of Hits in a day!

Content Marketing Platforms

Content marketing is a buzzword in contemporary times. It is about creating the content to do it all. From creating awareness in the target market to getting the attraction of the customer’s everything could be done through content marketing and this is why this has been in the cards for businesses right now but it has a few things that are essential to make it successful. One of those essential things is the platform that you choose and even the greatest content could fail if you have not chosen the right platform. If you are thinking about what the greatest platforms are then here is a list of 5 Content Marketing Platforms that can help you get millions of hits in just a day.

1 Facebook

The biggest social media platform that was started in the year 2004 tops the list of content marketing platform. With over 4 billion users and a reach 2.7 billion people on a regular basis, this is the first platform that content marketers have eyes on. It was created for social networking but its rapid growth and unlikely features have made it be considered as a content marketing platform as well. Moreover, the posting of content on this platform is free but boosting the same would require money. Nevertheless, get to billions of people against just a few dollars is not a bad deal at all.

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2 Wikipedia

Seeing this name might surprise a lot of people as people mostly have viewed this website as an online encyclopedia. This was originally created for information sharing purposes however the things have now moved forward and people now use this website for making contemplation on their content marketing. This website again charges nothing until you get to some Wikipedia expert for hire to get some assistance.

The reach of this website is around 50 million on a regular basis and this could get you a big number of hits in a day. However, one thing that is to be kept in mind about this platform is that promotional content is not allowed on this platform and all you can do with your content here is create awareness about your brand being in a non-promotional tone. The game of Wikipedia is much bigger than normal people think but only if you are able to play it right.

3 YouTube

The industry of YouTube is currently as big as anything. With around 2 billion hits on a regular basis, you have a perfect chance of making millions of viewers to know about your brand. But the hardest part of this platform is that it allows video content and that is surely not an easy task.

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