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7 Great Ways to Experience Croatia



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With more islands than you can count, an endless array of museums, restaurants, galleries, festivals, nature, and historical pleasures, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when drafting your Croatian itinerary. Not to worry, though, because we’re to help. If you would like some insight
into the best places to make time for, here are seven excellent ways to explore the country’s best treasures:

1) Take a tour of the legendary Dubrovnik walls
A view from the walls of Dubrovnik is refreshing and unmatched, offering a scenic front-row seat of orange-hued roofs towering against enchanting blue waters immediately behind them. The Old Town is an assembly of fortresses, Venetian houses, and rustic structures, and it’s mainly a delight for history buffs. Be sure to make the trip early in the morning- say 8 am- if you are keen on avoiding the crowds. If not, be sure to bring a lot of sunscreen for the midday heat. Alternatively, you could also go in the evening when the sun’s a lot more forgiving.

2) Take in a walk at Diocletian’s Palace
Often branded “the city within a city,” Diocletian’s Palace offers streets and buildings drenched in the masonry of a time centuries before ours. In terms of must-see places in the area, we recommend the visually striking sculptured courtyard of Peristil Square, and Diocletian’s museum-turned-church, which is quite ironical given how the Roman emperor made it his life’s mission to persecute Christians. Also, don’t just concentrate on the jewelry selling stalls; ask for directions to the basement because that’s a major highlight as well.

3) Stop by Hvar
A quiet town with nothing but endless miles of tranquility and picture-perfect landscapes, a detour at Hvar should be on the cards. In fact, if you’re looking to set up camp in this Balkan nation; the Old Town is a great place to look up a houses for sale in Croatia. For your Hvar to-
do list, you should think about cruising the nearby Pakleni chain of islands and spending some time on Malo Zarace beach.

4) Head over to Plitvice National Park
This national park is an absolute joy, presenting incredible seclusions of greenery, chirping birds, nervous wildlife, and awe-inspiring lakes. The foliage is particularly colorful during fall, so an autumn visit proves ideal for this reason and the fact that summer is not only busy but hot as well. Be sure to carry your provisions (food and drinks) as the park is quite large, or if you’d like to have a picnic by the azure waters. Please note that swimming in the park’s waters is prohibited.

5) Witness the excellent views from Gornji Grad
Zagreb is a beautiful place to have on your to-do list, with Gornji Grad in the Upper Town, especially impressive with its sweeping glances of a lovely cityscape, encompassing a 700- year-old tower and the beautifully constructed St. Mark church. The area itself also has an
optimistic Neo-Gothic charm about it and is a feat of architectural ingenuity with its trademark twin steeples.

6) Sail Kornati
North of the coastline are the Kornati islands that avail a collection of pristine lands, marine national parks, and secluded landmasses offering loads of romance and privacy. Notable stops include Murter, which is famous for its olive oil and has many shops and restaurants. The uninhabited Zut, which is the second largest in the archipelago, has its upsides as well. It’s also prudent to note that there’s an excellent harbor on Kaprije Island.

7) Bask in Zlatni Rat
The Golden Horn, as it’s affectionately known, has been the subject of many nature documentaries courtesy of its unique shape and enthralling sands, which layer out bewitchingly into the turquoise. It’s undoubtedly one of Croatia’s most iconic postcards, and it’s a place worth your time. While you’re at it, you should explore nearby Brac which is famous for its wineries, hiking trails, and hermitage sites.
Have fun!

There you have it, a 7-activity itinerary that gives you a taste of Croatia’s finest bits. Be sure to bring a camera with you because the nation’s heavenly beauty is best preserved in film. Words simply don’t do it justice!


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