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5 Ways to Backup Data for Your Small Scale Business Site

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your business website gets accidentally deleted? and you didn’t have a backup. It is a nightmare for many businesses, for small businesses too. it would not be even your mistake but can be a mistake of your web hosting service. even the most expensive web hosting providers and dedicated servers in pakistan are not responsible for to make backups for your small-scale business website. There are some important reasons, why business websites need backup. Statistics show that 40% of small to medium businesses don’t back up their data. Some ways of backup solutions are listed below which will help you to smartly handle the situation.

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1.) Manual Backups:

It is the most low-tech method. Manually FTPing your files to your local computer. This method has some downsides as well such as you have to remember to back up regularly and it needs continuous monitoring of the download to ensure that it has completed properly etc. Despite its downsides, you can still avail of it for your small-scale business. few tips will help you. Set a reminder so that you can have backup promptly. Never forget to back up your databases too. Also, make sure that you back up to multiple hard drives for maximum protection.

2.) cPanel Backups:

Backing up with cPanel is easy, but there are few pitfalls to avoid. Here is the short explanation of how cPanel backup is done if you are hosting on a server with the cPanel control panel installed, First, log into your cPanel control panel. . Select “Home Directory” in “Backup Destination” and enter your email address before you click on the “Generate backup” button. Once it is done, you will receive an email when the backup is ready. Make sure to download the backup on your computer and store it safely.

3.) Cloud Backups:

Cloud backup is the most suitable and the perfect one to keep the backup. Few qualities such as its ever-expanding and with most systems are backed up and complete redundancy makes it exceptional. There are solutions for backing up to a cloud which includes Amazon s3, Dropbox and manual upload.

4.) Rsync Backup:

Rsync is a useful software that allows copying files from one server to another. It is a smart approach as it will only transfer files that have changed. It saves your time and bandwidth. It doesn’t have an easy setting process but if you have a second Linux server under your command then it is a great way to back up small-scale website incrementally.

If you are going with this method then you will need to back up your database. Using a cron job to back up your databases into synced data of your directory structure then it will be beneficial as rsync will take care of the rest.

5.) Automated Data solutions:

You can put experts in control for backup and it is easier too. There is a small number of managed backup services out there and they can be highly useful to provide a backup solution for your small-scale business website. Some of the common ones are Codegaurd, Backup Machine, dropmysite, and many others. You can select the one which fits best according to your budget and timescale. Don’t forget to backup your small-scale business website regularly so that whenever any mishap happens to a website then at least you have a backup that you can count on.


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