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5 Things You Should Do on Your Croatia Vacation

Croatia Vacation


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Croatia’s reputation as a prestigious vacation destination reached fever-pitch last year when the New York Times issued a sterling assessment of the Dalmatian nation. The famous newspaper offered exclusive praise to Croatia, labeling it as one of the hottest- figuratively speaking- holidaying destinations on the planet at the moment. If you’re part of the touring party this year, then you’re certainly in for a
treat. To get you started on your to-do list, here are five activities that you should have at the back of your mind:

1) Get lost in the wondrous nature at Plitvice

The Plitvice Lakes National park seems like a place grasped right out of imagination and flung to the most enticing corner of the earth. It is essentially Mother Nature’s stupendous water park, providing a combination of green and blue water bodies punctuated by vibrant vegetation that decorates the landscape like toppings on Pizza. In between the little pools, timber hiking trails ensure you miss nothing, including the odd fox or deer that call this heavenly place home.

2) Picnic at a beach in Brac 

Zlatni Rat could easily pass for one of the wonders of the world, offering an ashy strip of sun-kissed sands on a limited pyramid-tip like landscape with nothing to block the navy sea that necklaces the beach. You can take in the fresh air uncorrupted by modernity while sitting down to a good book or catch some sleep as the waves pair with birds to realize tunes of utmost relaxation. Adjacent to the country’s most
famous beach is Brac Island, where you can hike across emerald backdrops and explore the hermitage sites within.

3) Wonder at Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Roman history and architecture are at its peak in Split, which itself is a maze of ancient structures, cathedrals from generations no longer in memory, and marbled streets that seem like a blast from a distant past. Diocletian’s Palace, which served as a retirement home for the similarly named emperor, has aged gracefully like fine wine, retaining its impressive build, which has withstood the test of time for more than 1700 years of existence!

4) Sample the ramparts of an ancient town

There’s a reason why any itinerary suggestions you get on the interwebs include Dubrovnik somewhere within the list, and that reason is that this walled city is a visual spectacle of unbelievable beauty. A view from a cable car atop the onlooking mountain reveals how the peach shades perfectly accent the cream of the rustic walls, which themselves offer a scenic stroll staring out into a blue canvas of watery delight. You can learn all about this UNESCO-acclaimed city, and the centuries of history that lie tucked away in brightly hued buildings that make a vintage cityscape you would think teleported from medieval times. 

5) Sail your way to Zadar

The country ranks among the world leaders when it comes to sailing, offering limitless islands and perfect weather conditions for cruising. If you decide to take up a yacht charter Croatia, you have to make some time for the coastal town of Zadar. It is the location of two works of art that combine human ingenuity and natural elements, namely the salutation to the sun and the sea organ. The latter is a device that plays music via tubes that channel the sounds coined by waves from the sea, while the sun salutation is a circular solar field that absorbs sunlight to produce enticing colors and patterns during the night. 
There’s no time to get bored! With dozens of fun-filled activities and numerous tour companies at your disposal, your trip to Dalmatia will be one that you’ll be fondly telling your posterity about for years to come. Blanketed by a charming beauty and availing an amazing Adriatic cuisine, you’re sure to enjoy your time in the tranquil nation.


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