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Perfect weather shouldn’t be wasted indoors, especially when there are no classes to worry about. This is certainly true when it comes to school breaks or summer holidays. Playing outdoors is a great way for kids to develop motor skills and socialize with other children. This is why I listed below 7 fun outdoor games that kids can play in their backyard or within the neighborhood.

1 Rainbow Tag

Rainbow Tag

The game Rainbow Tag is a blend of capture the flag and hide-and-seek. It’s perfect for playing on summer days in backyards or around the neighborhood.

The gameplay is easy enough for children of all ages to understand. First, hide five sticks painted in different colors and matching face paint close to each of the sticks. When a player finds a stick, they put a line of color unto their face. One player, dubbed the Pinkie, lurks around trying to tag other players. When a player is tagged, Pinkie wipes off one color from their face. The first player to get all colors wins.

2 Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

What’s great about an obstacle course is that it’s not just for kids, parents and older siblings can participate in it too. You can use random items around the house to set up the course. You can test your skills through friendly competition between family members or friends.

For parents, you can pick the kind; of course, you want to set up based on your child’s skill level and the equipment you have available. You can also allow kids to come up with their obstacle courses or contact businesses like Charlotte bounce house.

3 Giant Memory Game

Giant Memory Game

We are all too familiar with the game Memory. There are board games about it and even apps for people to play on their phones. You can recreate something similar only if it’s going to be big and children will love it.

It’s easy to transform a board game into a game that’ll physically engage players. Use at least 10 sheets of poster board and draw matching pictures, numbers, or symbols on each half. Cut them down the middle and place them outside face down. You and your kids can take turns guessing and matching the boards.

4 Yard Twister

Yard Twister

Another popular board game, if you can even call it a board game, is Twister. But what do you do when you don’t have the board? Well, you can make your own Twister board using the ground! You can make it as large or as small as you want. Use spray paint to paint circles unto grass. You can keep playing until the next time you mow the lawn. You can use a phone app as your “wheel of color.” This is a great idea to play during birthday parties or family reunions, especially in perfect weather.

5 Bottle Bowling

Bottle Bowling

Who says you need to go to a bowling alley to play bowling? You can take the fun into your backyard using easy to get materials and equipment. Use old bottles as your pins. You can give them a little coat of paint to make them look like bowling pins. You can use any ball you have on hand or make one yourself! It’s a great way to repurpose bottles that might end up in the trash.

6 Hopscotch


Who could resist a good game of hopscotch with friends on a fine summer day? This classic children’s outdoor game has reached far and wide and is played in every corner of the world. The court can be laid out either by drawing with chalk or scratched unto the bare ground. Just like there are different ways to play the game, there are also different varieties of the court. The basic premise is jumping through the spaces to get objects.

7 Cornhole


Last on this list of outdoor games is one that is a go-to outdoor game across the country. Cornhole is a lawn game where players take turns throwing bags of corn kernels unto a board with a hole. A bag, on the whole, means a score of 3 points while a bag on the board is given a score of 1. The game finishes when a team reaches or exceeds a score of 21. Equipment to play the game can be purchased in any toy store or constructed using available materials.


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