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A Guide to Becoming a Better Writer: 7 Practical Tips for New Content Writers

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Content development is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. This makes content writers very ‘in-demand’ professionals. If you enjoy writing and wish to pursue a career as copywriter, editor, author, and content strategist, then this is the perfect time to do so, given to the fact that the industry is booming.

Of course, as a new entrant, you may not be aware of the nuances, rules, and ethics of content writing. Therefore, here are 7 simple practical tips that will tell help you get started and become a better writer.

Don’t Say No to any Kind of Work

Even if it is as simple as editing content, curating a blog, or a very low-rate offer, do not say ‘no’ to any kind of work. Every content you write will help you grow as a writer. The ones that offer low rates will teach you more than the ones that don’t. The low-rate offers are usually reserved for freshers where the employers are willing to provide guidance than the high-price offers.

So, say yes to all kinds of freelance opportunities until you have developed a good client base and chosen your niche.

Start Reading Books and Articles

The more you read, the more creative you get. In fact, most successful writers are avid readers. Be it fiction or non-fiction, reading will help you increase your vocabulary range and develop your writing style. If you cannot afford paperbacks, buy Kindle versions. Read your favorite niches so that you don’t get bored. If you are a journalist, however, read newspapers and e-newsletters. Press media content is quite different from other formats. The same applies to Academic content, which requires particular, highly sophisticated writing style.

You can also read articles of prominent writers and observe what is trending in internet marketing.

Write as a Hobby

To get into the groove of writing, start writing for yourself. Sometimes writing for yourself can help you determine your preferred niche. It will also help you write from your heart. When you write for yourself, you know what your needs are and how to satisfy them. The same theory will help you understand what your readers want.

Write for Your Audience

The best way to write for your audience is by understanding them, knowing their need and fulfilling it. Write as if you are directing to one person and focus on helping that person out through your words. Make sure you proactively provide value to your reader in the form of informative and engaging content.

Write in Active Voice

Active voice makes the looking writer more confident about his theories and facts, while passive voice shows lack of research and analysis. Active voice also plays a huge role in readers’ understanding capabilities because it boosts message absorption degree. Also, active voice reduces sentence length and make content more precise, readable, and appealing.

Buy a Grammar Book

Grammar, sentence formation, writing style, and vocabulary – all play a humongous role in determining a content writer’s future in this profession. If you are unsure of your grammar efficacy, buy a good Grammar book, say Wren & Martins’s book or Oxford’s, and practice grammar every day. Apply the rules in your writings. The books will help you improve your written and oral English communication.

Research before Preaching

If you want to be a great writer, provide a well-researched and informative piece of content to your reader. Go the extra mile in delivering best content that is not only unique but also correct. Just don’t blindly follow the words of another blog or website. Research what’s written and provide substantial evidence in the form of external links and references.

These were our must-follow tips for new writers. If you have learned anything on your content writing journey, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below.


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