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Best Cosplay Costume – Soldier 76 Jacket



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The Overwatch leather jacket is affecting the game Overwatch. Soldier 76 is the hero of all games. He was actually wearing a jacket in this gam which becomes very famous and attractive for people. Gamers can wear the soldier 76 jackets at their gaming sessions, causal parties, and other events just like Halloween. The outside of the jacket is made of sheepskin. The color of the jacket is white, blue, black and red. Retain the collar style of the fabric with a belt. In addition, the jacket has a full-length sleeve with buttoned cuffs. The Halloween jacket has 2 side pockets and a front zipper.

Overwatch is a colorful team shooter featuring powerful heroes. Travel the world, build a team and fight for the cause in an exciting 6v6 war. Break down positions that damage and reinforce the Tank Hero, such as tightly-knit enemies and tight-lipped positions. If you are a tank, you need to guide. Injury Heroes use a wide range of tools, abilities, and game styles to find, engage and eliminate enemies. Horrible but fragile, these heroes need a backup to survive. Assist the heroes, defend, defend, increase damage and increase the ability of their allies by disabling enemies. As a relief, you are the backbone of your team’s survival. There are many ways to play.

Identity level

All players start at level 1 of recognition and can be upgraded to a maximum of level 5. Each confirmation you receive will affect your level of recognition. You will also get some playing experience to help other players. A high level of recognition can help you get better groups in the Find Groups tool.

Maintain your level of identity

If you do not continue to receive recognition or leave the game before the game ends, your level of recognition may be lowered. Penalties within the reporting system can also deprive the player of the identity level and keep him at the 0 levels.

Confirmation Rewards

You can periodically earn loot boxes based on your current level of support, which allows you to create more loot boxes with higher levels of support. During special events, you will receive loot boxes for events (such as loot boxes for summer sports).

The jacket was worn by Jack Morrison, who wears a dress for the game at 76. The blue and white color combination of this Soldier 76 jacket is fully biker styled.

This jacket is more appealing than a hot game and the Soldier 76 jackets are very famous among the young generation who are addicted to games. The jacket with a zipper and a large red number “76” on the back of this jacket. Made of high-quality PU leather, waterproof and durable. It’s fully plump with 35g of foam, which improves its overall appearance. The front zip zipper extends to the stand-up collar. It is equipped with a tab button on the hem for cuffs and extra customization with the belt closed. The short appliques are well sewn to the edges of both shoulders and the melted black color is beautifully blended under the sleeve design.

The soldier 76 jackets feature iconic blue designs that have become one of the most popular cosplay costumes for Halloween, fashion parties and conferences. Inspired by watchman Jack Morrison, this Soldier 76 jacket will make you feel tight and ready to move.

Men’s Soldier 76 Leather Jacket in Blue

Inspired by Overwatch Hero, called Soldier 76, this game’s jacket is crafted with a high-quality leather casual viscose layer. This Soldier 76 jacket features a stand-up collar with a tie, an inner and outer pocket and the back of the iconic 76 logos.

Best dressed jacket for supervised fans

The exquisite blend of white, blue and black makes this Soldier 76 jackets as accurate as possible. This overwatch is an ideal gaming cosplay or dress for video game lovers and is also perfect as a stylish leather motorcycle jacket compared to classic jeans and classic T-shirts.


  •       Hot collars
  •       Button cuffs
  •       Inside pocket two.
  •       Real leather.
  •       Inserts viscose.
  •       Logo project logo 76.
  •       Detachable Soldier 76 straps with two bonus baskets.
  •       YKK Front Zipper.


  •       Slim fit design
  •       High-quality sewing.
  •       High-quality leather.
  •       Usually, 1 size is smaller.
  •       Available in blue, black and gold.
  •       The right design you can wear anywhere and everywhere.


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