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5 AI Tools Every Content Writer Must Use in 2021 (To Write Effortlessly)

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Do you struggle as a content writer, writing clean and concise copy? Around 80% of the content writers battle like hell to create quality content. And when they generate content, either it’s solely for the audience or search engines with too many errors in them. Have you heard about AI tools?

For your content to be effective, it should be audience and SEO-friendly to get the most out of your writing, as content is crucial for digital marketing. So how to make your report concise and compelling.

Please read this blog about five AI tools that every content writer must use in 2021 for writing quality content that yields them better payments and help articles rank better in the search engines.

Roles AI Plays in Creating Quality Content

AI Plays in Creating Quality Content

Understanding the ongoing trends and creating relevant content based on keywords are the two best AI tools. They help marketers reduce their thinking and focus more on creating quality content in no time using intelligent algorithms. The greatest revolution in content marketing happened in 2009 when new tools were out for the first time to assist the content creation process.

They made content clear, crisp, and compelling, adding desired tweaks into them in no time and within a few clicks. Today, AI has several applications in creating quality content and has made content writing easy for non-professional content creators; from the text, images, videos to gif, you can create effortlessly based on ongoing trends.

Why AI Tools Help In Writing Better Content?

AI Tools Help In Writing

The Content Marketing industry is rewarding, and the digital marketing industry, but the whole sector relies on it. And you may feel surprised to hear about the Content Marketing Institute viral blog stating, “Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3X more leads within the same budget.”

The best part about AI tools is, they take your extended, brief it in no time, making your sentence powerful and crystal clear in a few clicks. The demand for content writing and marketing will continue to grow, and the best way to be on the cutting edge is to be consistent in creating quality content.

The reason is another quote from the Content Marketing Institute will blow your mind and give you many reasons why the demand for content creation will never go down.

Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods in marketing.”

It indicates the opportunity is enormous in content writing and marketing; all you need is to deliver quality content for your customers.

Can AI Replace Content Writers?

AI Replace Content Writers

This question is the highest-ever asked question in history since content marketing influenced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. And the answer is still no, AI can’t replace content writers, and the reason is emotions and empathy to the content that content writers add; no machines can do that.

These tools make our writing clear, concise, short, effective, and powerful, along with errors-free while improving the readability score and educating more customers, and boosting sales.

5 (Powerful) AI Tools Every Content Writer Must Use in 2021 To Level-Up Their Writing Process

Have you just started with your content writing career, or have you had good content writing experience, but your writing sucks because you are not a grammar nazi. Then these five AI-based tools will help you overcome every hurdle that comes your way, shaping you into a better writer in your writing career.



Some writers have great ideas in mind, but their grammar sucks because of too many errors, and their ideas get rejected for the same or paid less than the content writers, then there is a great tool to rescue you in every situation. Grammarly uses NLP to understand already written words and scan the entire document to see how writings can be made better and error-free.

But all these are not the only things that Grammarly, here you can set goals based on what and for whom your writing, along with the tonality, domains, and intent. When you finish your report, scan it with Grammarly and check the plagiarism score.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

Do you know why people leave a website when they see long paragraphs? It’s because they have significantly less time to read or words used are boring and don’t convey the messages. In other words, your content is not reader-friendly, and you need to improve your readability score.

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The content becomes vague when they can’t convey what you want to say. Therefore, writing has to be clear, concise, and error-free to get the most of it with Hemingway Editor. Better to use short sentences and paragraphs to enhance your readability score. And for that, there is an AI-based tool for you that strengthens your writing making it straightforward and crystal clear marking the long sentences and adverbs that weaken the sentences or make it wordy.



Do you want your writing to bring leads for you, get you sales or persuade people to take action – then you have to become a copywriter? But becoming a copywriter is not everyone’s cup of tea. The writing must carry a sense of humor, appealing and persuade people to take the following steps – and payment is enormous for this.

Use Writersonic, the AI copywriting Saas tool that writes short copy for you taking your ideas and keywords with many variations. Whether you’re writing copy for Google or Facebook Ads, and you need a tool for inspiration – then it’s your go-to tool as a copywriter. 



Writing is fun when you have everything ready with you, from planning, ideating, creating an outline to writing your first draft. But what if you miss something in the creating process, your writing sucks, and maybe the final product becomes something that your audience doesn’t fit into when writing long-form content. Your content becomes questionable.

So how to save yourself from blunders? Use INK and rescue yourself by making your content so optimized and audience-friendly. The interface is very similar to WordPress, and it has most of the features that WordPress has. So when you follow INK instructions and write accordingly, Google will love your content more often because it has everything you need from setting the target keywords, grammar check, SEO score, and everything else.



Want to write content that will captivate your audience and Google. In other words, your readability score must be high, and your content has to be SEO optimized. And let me tell you the truth that many professional writers have a good number of experiences here. So how to overcome this, even if you’re just a beginner in content writing?

Use to make your content writing the best, bring traffic to your website and help it to grow organically, and boost your ROI. It’s a content optimization platform that allows your business to rank better and converts, creating outlines that focus on improving your content and writing better, along with content briefs.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence cannot create its content analyzing the ongoing trend and without keyword integration. Still, in the coming days, the chances are very high to happen. But AI has the most significant impact in creating content that matters a lot. Whatever type of content may be, AI tools understand customers and business goals like no human. So using AI tools will bring you tremendous results, decrease your workloads, make writing productive and effective in a few clicks and no time.

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