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Growing Your Money: The Different Types of Investments

Different Types of Investments


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If you have a substantial amount of money sitting in your bank account, you would be wise to invest it to enjoy a bigger return. However, smart investors never place all their money in one opportunity, as they will diversify their investments. If you want to grow your money in 2021 and beyond, check out the following different types of investment options that might be suitable for your finances. A few might just catch your eye.

Different types of investment

Cash and Commodities

Cash and commodities are low-risk investments, as they are unlikely to drop in their value and could even provide a bigger return. If you want to avoid taking a huge risk when investing your money, gold is a great option to consider.

The price of gold is often based on its scarcity. Also, if the demand for gold increases, its price will increase. If you want to invest in the highest quality gold, you must buy from a trusted source, such as.

Other examples of cash and commodities include a certificate deposit (CD) and cryptocurrencies.

Bonds and Securities

Bonds and securities are other investment options to consider. Investors can buy bonds from the US government, state or city governments, or a private company. A US government agency or a private firm can also issue mortgage-backed securities, which are a form of bond.

If you are unfamiliar with how a bond works, it will require you to loan money to the entity you purchased it from, and you will receive a predetermined amount of interest over a specific time length.

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Investment Funds

Investment funds require various investors to pool their money into different opportunities, such as bonds, stocks, and other assets. For example, an investor may turn to a money manager, who will invest money on their client’s behalf. As the money is diversified across various stocks and bonds, the tactic can carry less risk, but you will only earn a return on your investment from bond interest, stock dividends, or if the value has increased when you sell.

Another investment fund opportunity worth considering is index funds, which will diversify your investment across the stock market. Alternatively, you could invest in exchange-traded funds that will track and mirror popular indexes trading on the stock market.

Real Estate

If investing in the stock market sounds too risky for your savings, real estate could help you grow your finances. There are various ways you can make money from property, as you could:

  • Flip homes for a profit
  • Lease commercial buildings to businesses
  • Rent property to residential tenants
  • Run a trailer park

Of course, when buying real estate, you must look for a property that has the potential to provide a greater return on investment when you sell. For example, you must buy a building in a popular or up-and-coming neighborhood.

So, if you want to invest your hard-earned savings in a profitable opportunity, you shouldn’t overlook buying genuine gold, growing an extensive property portfolio, or investing in bonds and securities.

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