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Top Simple and Cute Nail Art Designs to pick

Cute Nail Art Designs


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Nails are the perfect measure of beauty & styling with a special add-on with little art over it to make it beautiful and attractive. More it is cute then more it is catchy. Even we’re grown up but still, the cute facts and elements attract us and we like them in anyways. In the same way, we can choose cute nail art designs to get highlighted nails.

Of course, colors play a vital role to set up your mood so choose it genuinely you like to wear and energize you. I understand this makes it difficult to choose colors and suitable designs together is quite a typical task, so here I’m sharing the cute nail art designs you can pick with suitable colors.

1 Unicorn Nail Art

Unicorn is the most lovable character these days and everybody loves it. Even we have seen many products are coming up with unicorn prints and they are so cute. Choosing the cute unicorn nail art design would be the best idea to get the cute nail art design.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to set dry.
  • Use the art brush and with gel color apply like manicure on nail tips, then draw unicorn ears over that manicure shape. And in the middle of the ears draw the horn, after that highlight the outer shape of the horn with black gel. And fill the golden glitter in the center part of the horn.
  • Now draw eyes with black gel color and highlight the center of the ear with golden glitters.
  • Here, you have the option to choose if you want then put the multicolors dots to decorate your unicorn shape.
  • After completion of shape, just apply the topcoat to get sealed over your nail art.

2 Butterflies Nail Art

Color and nature impact our soul and we are targeting both in Butterflies Nail art design. Choosing the blue color symbolizes the ocean to feature butterfly designs.


  • Apply the base coat on nails and leave for 1 minute.
  • Apply the nude color gel on nails and left for 1 minute.
  • Now select blue color nail paint to paint the butterfly wings on the upper and lower side later connect them.
  • Fill up the wing with blue color and leave to cure for 1 minute.
  • Use the black gel to outline the wings and draw veins.
  • Lastly, apply the topcoat to secure the lock over your nail art.

3 Fruity Style

The summer has awesome fruits and gives you freshness. You may apply these fruit shapes to your nails and beautify them. I recommend you keep the base transparent to get the fruit highlighted on your nails.


  • Apply the base coat on the nail and leave for a minute to dry
  • Now start with the index finger, draw the lemon shape with yellow gel paint and highlight the center part of the lemon with white color.
  • Then on the middle finger, draw dragon fruit with a white base and black dots in the center. Highlight the outer area of the dragon fruit shape with pink color.
  • On the Ring finger, draw an orange shape with light orange gel paint and highlight the inner part with white nail paint.
  • You can draw a kiwi fruit shape with light green color and center filled with white color on a pinkie finger. Draw the red at the outer shape and put black dots in the center area to complete the fruit shape.
  • Don’t forget your thumb to draw with a cut apple, draw outer highlight shape with red color and fill white color in the center. Use the black spot in the center to get a seed-filled cut apple and draw a stalk on the top.
  • After completing the fruit draw, just sealed them with a topcoat.

You may shuffle the fruits with alternate fingers, as we have suggested to guide you.

4 Mismatch Colored Fingers

Simple with neon colors look very pretty on nails, simple and elegant. You can use the mismatch neon colors on nails that will look too cute and decent. No design is required on it as this will look too beautiful with colorful nails.


  • Apply the base coat on nails and leave for 1 minute.
  • Use a different color for each nail and apply them, use at least two coats of gel colors.
  • Lastly, apply the topcoat over them

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5 Love on red

The red color is the sign of love and romance, so this would be the perfect nail art for your special date. Use tomato red color nail paint with written “lo” “ve” with white color or ring finger and middle finger.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to dry
  • Apply the single coat of tomato red, get a paint coat, and make a heart shape on the index finger and pinkie finger then leave to set dry for a minute.
  • Now take white gel paint and use an art brush to write “lo” “ve” then leave to set dry for a minute.
  • Now set a secure lock with a topcoat.

6 Cute Panda

The cute character panda on your art to beautify your nails. Must have the right color selection to get cute panda nail creation. Here we are selecting the light peach shade and white for the panda. You may choose to draw the complete panda or only the panda face on nail art. We’re crafting the panda face on nails.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to get dry.
  • Then apply one coat of light peach gel paint and leave for a minute to dry.
  • Now draw a panda face with white gel color and leave for a minute to dry.
  • Add highlight of eyes, nose, mouth, and ears with black gel color and leave for a minute to dry. You may use glossy or glittery black also.
  • Now apply a secure lock with the topcoat and your cute nail art design is all set

7 Pink Glitter Matte

Choosing glittery nails is a good idea but pair with a suitable color combination is important. Here we are using the light pink color with white glittery pair which look too appealing.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to get dry.
  • Then on the Index finger, pinkie finger, and thump apply the light pink gel nail paint and leave to set dry.
  • Meanwhile, apply the white glitter gel on the middle and ring finger and leave to set dry.
  • Sealed with a top coat to secure your art

8 Minion Nail Art

The Minion Nail art is one of the cute nail art designs, and I also love it. Many people love the minion character and kids love them too. You may choose the Minion nail art for kids and yourself too because the cuteness has no age.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to get dry.
  • Then proceed to coat nails with yellow nail gel and leave to set dry and reapply the second coat of yellow gel color and leave to set dry.
  • Now, use the thin art brush and use blue gel nail color, draw a thin line at the tips of your nail.
  • After completing the top with gel color, use the white gel color to draw the eyes of Minion. And grey gel color to highlight the out area of the eyes.
  • And join the eye area mark with gel color and the top of the nail draw two dots/buttons on both sides to complete the Minion character look.
  • Now seal with topcoat

9 Spring Multi Colors

Get the multi-color look to get beautiful hands with cute nail art designs. It will look shading one color to the other one and you will need to apply to relate them with each other.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to get dry.
  • Apply the blue color in the bottom of nails and spread it a little above and then on the upper side of nails apply a single coat of yellow color in a way to get a highlight of the below spread blue mixed with yellow.
  • Apply the topcoat to secure it.

10 Polka Dots – Red, White & Baby Pink

The colors matter to beauty anything and it makes highlight with the right pairing. And these colors are love and romance colors. So, you can choose them for valentine’s day and first date or special date.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to set dry.
  • Now, you need three gel colors- red, white & baby pink to apply. On the Index finger & pinkie finger apply a red base color. On the Middle figure apply white gel color and lastly on the ring finger apply baby pink gel color. Leave them for a minute to set dry.
  • Now use a pin to make dots, on the index finger, use white color for dots over red base color. And, on the middle finger, use red colors for dots over white color.
  • On ring finger make a special appearance with white and red color dots on every nails corner and in the center make the heart with white gel color. Now highlight the outer shape of the heart with red color. Leave the pinkie finger with a red base only or you can make dots with white gel as per your choice.
  • Now seal your art with a topcoat.

11 Ludo Dice

Dice are used to playing Ludo and even many other game dice are used to play. But it is famous as Ludo dice, and get a number on every throw which decides the game to win or lose. Making the Ludo Dice nail art is a creative idea and this is so easy to make, so let’s start.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to set dry.
  • Use white gel paint for the base color, apply the two coats and leave to set dry.
  • With black gel paint. Make dots of the different numbers on all fingers.
  • Seal it with top coat gel paint

12 Emoji Smileys

Emojis are the just fun expression we use when we use to chat to show your mood and creativity that undoubtedly makes your conversation beautiful. In that way, emoji smileys on your nail art would beauty your nails and express your nails moods.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to get dry.
  • Use yellow gel color on the base for emoji buy here you can use any color or multi to makes your smileys more beautiful. Apply yellow gel and leave to set dry.
  • Now make the faces you like on your nails with recommended black and red gel color, rather you can pair them with your different base color.
  • After completing the faces on nails just seal them with top coat gel

13 Heart Beats Design

The heartbeat nail art designs look too elegant and simple to wear. The shape heart on one nail and beats on the other, appear like the heart is beating. In this design, you may replace the color but pair it with suitable color.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to set dry.
  • Use any light shade on the base color, apply the coat and leave to set dry
  • Here we’re using the black gel color to highlight the heart and beats. With the art brush, draw heartbeats on all nails except ring finger. And on ring finger make a heart shape.
  • Now, apply the topcoat to seal the nail art.

14 Playing Cards

Playing cards are too famous and of course, we’re playing since we were kids. And getting the playing card nail art will beautify your nails and appear you the expert in this game.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to set dry.
  • Use white gel paint to apply for base color as the playing cards have white colors.
  • Now use red gel color for hearts and tiles diamonds, then black gel to create clover clubs and pikes spades with art brush and pins on each finger. On thumb make all four signs with Ace sign (Watch the video to understand).
  • After complete all shapes seal with topcoat.

15 Night Sky

The Night sky nail art defines simple means a dark black night with moon and stars. This design will look too elegant and can be chosen for the Eid festival celebration.


  • Apply the base coat and leave for a minute to set dry.
  • Use black gel color to apply on base and leave to set dry.
  • For the top design of the moon and stars, we’ll use the white gel color. Use the art brush to draw the moon & stars.
  • Seal the design with a topcoat

16 Crown on Black

Crown nail art design for all beauty queens and one of the Cute Nail Art Designs. The simple and beautiful crown nail art will look so cute and you can wear it for all occasions, especially for your birthday.

We have listed the Cute Nail Art Designs and steps to get you on your nails. For any feedback or ideas, you can write in the comment section.

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