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Best Nail Care Tips For Healthy Nails and Cuticles

Best Nail Care Tips to Make your Hands Beautiful

The colored nails look so pretty with no doubt, and the nail paints colors are the icing on nails to look beautiful. But how can you keep it durable, of course, the caring the base of the icing, that means your nails to keep healthy & beautiful?

Definitely, you spend lots of your money to get the best nail care from the saloon with manicures & nail extensions. But what if you switch your salon to home with natural care & follow the simple nail care tips to get the healthy nails. When you will have healthy nails, can keep any shape you like for longer duration & color them with amazing nails arts.

Here are some best nail care tips to add in your routine: –

1 Keep Nails & Hands Clean

To get the healthy nails, this is must-have tour nails & the skin around it must be clean & dirt free. Especially for those who spend lots of time in the household & kitchen, also nails get weaken when you are into washing time most of the time.

When you decide it time for your nail care, then follow the simple step to clean your nails with good quality of nail paint remover & wash your hands gently. Afterward, you may use some soft toothbrush to scrub your nail area to remove dirt from skin & it will also cure the dead skin cells.

2 Don’t be Harsh on Your Nails

I must suggest to avoid the harsh rubbing & scrubbing on your nails because that can damage & infect your nails. To get the healthy nails, you must escape the sharp tools to clean your nails, which will damage the nails roots & it will start getting separate from the skin. And, this step can leave a fungal infection which is not good for nails & skin both.

You may use some nail care enamels to strengthen your nails which may have the ingredients to cure your nails & give them a healthy life. Also, use the soften tools or sticks to clean your nails & better do it with proper care. These few care tricks will give your nails a healthy life & they will get look ready look more beautiful.

3 Cut your Nails Frequently

Cut your Nails Frequently

Cutting your nails in a routine is important just like hair trimming to get damage-free hairs. Getting a longer nail doesn’t mean to get it long without cutting them. You start cutting them from they have started growing and get easier to cut & you should do it almost every day. What you need to do is, just cut it from the top & file it in the proper shape you like to have.

But what is the right time to cut your nails? Just after having a bath, you can cut your nails as it gets softener & easy to trim in no time. Also, mind that keeping your nail trimer disinfected & wash it with warm water in a time of the month.

4 Use a Handy Filer

To get the smoother nails, you need to avoid harsh filers to get in shape. Our hands already get many rough handles all day in all different tasks. You can keep using nail file handy to get the smooth & health nails.

And, you shouldn’t bite your nails ever to break them also don’t try to tear it off because it can lead damage to your nails roots. And biting nails, in any case, is not good for your health so get your nail filers & use it whenever it is necessary to use it.

5 Don’t Peel the Cuticles

We always heard this from our elders & since childhood, we are hearing this but still, we don’t avoid peal the cuticles. The cuticles prevent the skin of the nail area from entering germs & dirt to your nails & save from the infection. If you will trim or peel off the ragged cuticles, then it will cut the sealing nail area & this can prone to infection from the dirt & germs.

In case, you have the ragged cuticles, then the better suggestion is to push them back to the nail area with a nail file. You can also use some best cuticle oil or cream to get moisturize just after taking a shower. This will hydrate your nail & skin area with care, you will get the beautiful nails with best nail care tips.

6 Use Base Coat for Nails

Base Coat

Now the next step includes in nail care tips is to apply base coating on your nails, even when you are not applying the nail paints. This will add the protective shield over your nails & get prevent from the screeching & stained.

You can choose the quality base coat for your nails which will help to make your nails hardener & prevent getting crack or break it easily. Also, it will add the richness to your nail paint colors when you will use the base coat before applying the nail colors.

7 Care with Using Gel Colors

Care with Using Gel Colors

The Gel nail paints look too pretty when you apply but it also damages the nails & skin around. But of course, this is cool & also convenient to use in lesser time & quickly dry. But, you can cure your nails before applying the enamels, use sunscreen from SPF & then apply the gel coat on your nails & you will get the salon look at your home. And you will get the beautiful nails with your rich colors either for casual routine or party day.

8 Find Suitable Brands of Nail Paints

Definitely, all brands are created with quality & variety of colors. But does every brand is good for your nails? Of course not! The issue with that is every person has different skin types & all react in a different way. Most of the nail enables is made of chemicals which definitely reacts on your skin.

How you can choose the best brands for you? We can’t specify any single brands but yes you should read the labels & details mentioned on the nail paints. And choose with the least chemical indulge nail enamels & choose that as your brand.

9 Add a Routine to Moisturize Your Nails & Hands

Most of you moisturize your face every night, now it’s time to add moisturizing your nails & hands before you go to your bed. Your hands play many roles in the daily routine of your life & also need to get pampered with the cure. You can use good hands & nails moisturizing crème from your favorite brand but it must be infused with Avocado, Almond, Jojoba, and Olive Oils & apply it every night.

10 Diet for Healthy Nails

Just like your intake the special diet for glowing skin, in that same pattern, your nails need some diet including, protein, vitamins, omega3 which will help you to get the healthy nails. This means it will live healthily then will also look beautiful with no extra efforts. You can add the fruits & berries in your daily routine especially blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. Also, the green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and kale. The above mentioned simple steps of nail care tips would be easy to fit in your routine life. And, you are going to save lots of money you use to spend in salon or parlor for a manicure. Isn’t it? And also going to get natural healthy & beautiful nails.


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