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7 Best Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Makeup Hacks

There is a makeup revolution that’s currently happening thanks in part to YouTube and makeup gurus making tutorial videos almost every day. But they don’t cover everything. In fact, they cover makeup topics that are often too complicated and best suited for makeup pros. Below are some simple and doable makeup hacks you can follow.

1 Long and full lashes

Many people struggle with their lashes. They want to make it as long and as full as possible. The easiest way is to spend money on lash extensions or getting a lash lift. But there is a makeup hack that accomplishes the same effect. You simply need to use a lash primer. I like to use the Lancôme lash primer. After application, I wait 45 seconds to a minute before I apply mascara so give the primer time to become tacky. Applying these two products make a world of difference in my makeup routine.

2 Stopping mascara from smudging

Smudged mascara is feared by many makeup enthusiasts and gurus. It makes you look like you’ve been punched in the face. Professional makeup artists use translucent powder, applying it to the tips of the lower lashes after putting on mascara. The powder acts as a barrier between your skin and your lash and it will prevent fall out.

3 Making lips look bigger

If there was one makeup tip that is searched more on Google, it is how to make lips look bigger. We have Kylie Jenner to thank for this lip movement. The great thing is there are a ton of tutorials to do just that without resorting to lip fillers. The key is to overline your lips ever so slightly, focusing a little more in the center of the bottom lip as well as the Cupid’s bow. If you overline the lip center and following the natural lip line on the outer edge of the lips makes your lips look natural. Then you can apply lipstick in a lighter nude color to make them pop. Think attack on titan cosplay female look.

4 Blush like a model

Blush is something I’ve struggled with for years. I could never get the perfect rosy cheeks print and runway models seem to have naturally. I ended up spending hours researching and scrutinizing makeup tutorials before I could master the art of blush. The trick is to apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks and brush the excess to the bridge of your nose. This way, you mimic a sunburn/suntan look that makes your face look glowy and youthful.

5 Elongating the eye

Simply use a small fluffy brush and carry your shadow to the side. This draws the eyes naturally outwards and creates a pretty eye shape. If you want to step it up, use a medium brown shadow underneath the eyes on the lash line. Carry it all the way to the edge and unite it with the shadow on top. This is a great makeup hack for regular days for bigger and prettier eye shape.

6 Quick, easy, and flattering eyeshadow

I like this next makeup hack the most. I’m very much an eyeshadow gal and have spent a ton of money on palettes from every brand which I play around with. I’ve developed my own quick and simple eyeshadow makeup that won’t make you late for your engagements. I just use a bronzer and apply it with a fluffy brush. Make sure to dust it in your crease.

7 Filling your brows

Before you fill your brows, you first have to brush the hair down so you know where your arch is. Fill in the area where your arch should be before brushing the hairs back up. This way, the hairs lay on top of the product creating a more natural brow look.


  1. What are the best hack? This is actually helpful for daily routine life makeup. And, also for some parties to look eyecatching in the crowd.


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