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Blogging on Instagram: How Might You Develop Your Blog And Win More Traffic On Instagram?

Blogging on Instagram


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Instagram, the picture-dominant platform, is undergoing a steady rise in its user base ever since it was rolled-out. It stands next to Facebook in the list of most number of users with over one billion monthly active users. Instagram made its entry and drew attention when Facebook was ruling the social media world as an undisputed king. Social platforms have evolved into an e-commerce store as everyone is keen on monetizing it. Instagram is widely lauded as the platform that possesses the potential of engaging with the audience more quickly rather than other social platforms. Due to this, 88% of globally renowned brands have their presence on Instagram, the highest among all the platforms. Though marketing has undergone many phases with the advent of new technologies, still ‘blogs’ sustain their luster. Let us go through the measures that work effectively in promoting your blog on Instagram. 

Make Your Bio ‘Informative’

If you ask people why they stick to blogs even today, many will end up saying that they could infer a lot about a subject from a single blog. In simple terms, people who read blogs will only lookout for information and a detailed interpretation of the subject. Rather than just going with endearing bio, add ‘facts’ and ‘information’ to your bio along with the link to your blog. This way, possibilities are high for the viewers to check your blog. As the bio is the one that catches the attention of a person as soon as he lands on your Instagram page, craft your bio in the way noted by me.

Convey Stories With ‘Instagram Stories’ 

Instagram stories could be used as an effective medium to let people know about the updates you have made to your blog. Today, every Instagram user follows a meager of 400 accounts. They keep adding the accounts they follow as they are getting exposed to several pages while they surf through the platform. So, going with stories to announce newly added content to your blog is an ideal measure. Stories also possess the potential of driving new readers to your blog. For instance, seven out of ten people landing at a new Instagram page check the stories section first rather than viewing the posts in it. Stories have a 4x higher engagement rate than the standard posts. If it would take some time to publish the blog post that is in progress, you can make updates regarding it in your stories section and ignite the curiosity among your readers. So, make use of the stories in the best possible ways to promote your blog.    

Drive People Using Videos

Videos can be used as an efficient medium to make people jump into your blog. People quickly get intrigued by videos more than static images. Create a video about your blog and post it. This way, you can make a large number of people get to know about your new blog as it will appear in their feed. Make use of the description section and add the link of your blog. They are things that are worth it if they are expressed in words rather than visualizing it. In such cases, you can go with the description section and express your thoughts in words. Taking advantage of the visuals and description, you can convey many things that you are about to tell in your blog.   

Let People Know Your Recipes

People will always be keen on knowing the recipe for the delicious food they had. So, post pictures of the pre-production work you have done. Post the picture of the book collection you have referred to in creating the blog. Showcasing the pre-production works can be used as an effective tool to gain the trust of people. If your blog requires field research, go to the spot, take your camera, click a picture, edit it, and upload it on your Instagram page. Making such measures will only remind people that you are about to publish a blog. So, making such moves is one of the efficient ways to drive traffic to your blog.  

Collaborate With Others In Your Niche  

Find out the people on Instagram in your niche and collaborate with them. Make sure whether they enjoy a good number of followers and have a good reputation among the readers. Go through the comment section of his blog posts and Instagram posts to know about him better. If he comes up with a new blog post, post it in your stories section by mentioning him and vice versa. This way, both will be benefitted and have large viewers. The person you mostly collaborate with can be your competitor as he may be running next to you in the race. Hence, try to add the things in your blog which you think he might miss out. This way, you could get new readers to your blog.    

Fuel-Up The Reach With The Hashtags

Hashtags drive new people to your Instagram page if they are appropriately coined. Do the needful research and add the hashtags relevant to the subject spoken in your blog and your niche. Add the hashtags that are commonly for blogging, such as #blogreaders, #wordpress, #lifestylebloggers. Though hashtags are widely lauded as a dynamic tool to reach the target audience, on Instagram, it works a step ahead better than other social platforms. Instagram allows you to follow hashtags in the same way you follow other accounts. Therefore, even if a person does not follow your Instagram account, your post may appear in his feed if the hashtag he follows and the one you added in your Instagram posts are the same. Thus, do sufficient research for adding hashtags, which will pay you huge benefits in return.

Final Thoughts

Blogging, though termed as an old school it has its good share of readers. With Instagram being a social platform with millions of users, you can capitalize on the platform to uplift the reach of your blog. Rather than other social platforms, Instagram has its unique features that fit for blog promotions. Claire Divas She is an avid Trollishly.com Social media blogger.



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