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A well-planned eCommerce SEO strategy can make your online business flourish


Online businesses are leveraging the power of eCommerce SEO Strategy to gain over their rivals.

With an aim to increase the number of visitors to their website and improve ROI, online businesses are going all out to deploy best-of-breed online marketing strategies to woo consumers. They are engaging SEO providers with specialization in Ecommerce SEO, to build a customized SEO strategy for their online business that is based on the products they sell online, industry trends, discounts &promotions being offered, and level of local competition.

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Below is a step-wise strategy:

Auditing your website

This is the first step in the process. Before commencing with actual SEO operations, an eCommerce SEO company does an audit of your online business. The objective is to determine whether your website’s software architecture and other web standards are in proper health or not? If the architecture requires a revamp, or if there are any invalid codes or links on a website that prevent it from being crawled properly by search engine crawlers, then this may affect the ranking of your website as well as prevent customers from navigating it properly.

Analyzing the industry and local competition

The second step involves an analysis of the current status of the industry and what trends are predicted for the near future. It also involves an analysis of the competitor landscape to see what strategies and techniques are being deployed by the competitors that might prove detrimental to your online business.

Enhancing visibility of your brand

An eCommerce SEO company uses the latest tools and SEO techniques to build a list of relevant keywords. These keywords relate to the searches that most consumers make on Google, Bing or other search engines before buying any product online, or when checking about a brand. These keywords are then optimized, so that consumers are directed to your online business’s website.

Discounts and promotions on offer

This is a significant part of online business that must be thought out and planned carefully. Every online business today offers some discounts to new and existing customers. Further, in order to boost sales during the festival time or during the holiday season, promotions are planned out in advance and SEO activities are then focused around these discount deals and promotional offers. A well-planned campaign may run for several days and may actually attract customers from other online stores to your website and these customers may be ready to switch their loyalties.

Mobile SEO strategy

The young generation (18- 35 years) is the one that shops the most online and most of it is through mobile phones. It, therefore, pays to focus on this target segment and woo them with personalized offers on their birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions.

Social media strategy

An eCommerce company also plans out campaigns for your social media presence to enable increase your reach out to the younger generation who are active users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Further, the buzz created on these social media platforms goes a long way in boosting your brand.

Customer loyalty

SEO services are designed to boost the rankings of product pages of online businesses and make the online website appear on page 1 of Google search results. Most consumers visit those websites that are appearing on page 1. They seldom go to page 2. This technique builds customer loyalty and encourages repeat visits from the customers.


It is prudent to engage with an experienced eCommerce SEO company with the best eCommerce SEO strategies that ensure that SERPs are maintained and website rankings do not drop and customer loyalty is maintained.

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