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Automate the Quotation Building & Give Your Sales Force Time to Grow the Top Line

Automate the Quotation Building

You can use quotation management to gather as much information about a prospect as possible, as well as identify what actually their needs are. This allows you to determine how extremely you want to segment them and what functional areas you need to focus on based on their characteristics.

The quotation management tool supports to enhance your sales predicting by calculating when a customer will purchase an order and how it will affect your financials, allowing you to prepare your production processes accordingly.

Quotation automation dramatically accelerate the sales cycle by relieving sales representatives of monotonous quotation building, giving then more face time with customers. Using this eCatalog or build-to-order wizard and lead management as integrated information sources, Sales Generator & Order Management’s Quote Builder module adds quoting rules, pricing and impacts as such as labor costs, helping to preserve margins and its database structure is dashboard-analytics ready.

Quotation Management authorizes you to easily traces and controls all your created quotes through a single medium. Quotation Management creates quotations for work orders laying down all estimated costs.

Key Features:

  • Complete database of the product information, its pricing and its status.
  • Accommodates complex business rules and variations.
  • Workflow, roles and rights, discounts, factory-ready.
  • Fully integrated with our 24/7 business eCatalog and eConfigurator.
  • Quote tracking, management, reporting and administration.
  • Interactive and user friendly web interface to assist quotation generation and management.
  • Ability to handle charge and shipping data among the application.
  • Generation of multiple quotes for a customer for single interface.
  • Exporting quotes to various supported formats.
  • Reporting feature capable of generating advanced reports.
  • Tracking quotes, ratio and flexible to raise revised quotes.
  • Simplified and smoother transition of Quotation into Proposal.

Quotation Management Software:

Quotation Management System (QMS) is a software which includes designing and automation the client’s quotation. QMS goals to define client’s business efficiency in calculating and generating quotations, maintain billing and shipping information, emailing quotation and providing increased Quotation Management System reporting features.

About Quotation Management Software:

Working Progress:

  • Automatic Document Generation:  It enables you to record all the information that is relevant for producing and generating quotations.
  • Reduced Quotation Time: How much the longer the quotation takes to produce, the lower margin you make on it.
  • Report Generation:  It generates Invoice Reports, Receipt Reports, Customer Reports, Unpaid Invoices Report, and Unbalanced Records.

Client Benefits:

  • Easily conversion of existing open quotes into contracts.
  • Web based automated quotation management process helps the client to increased the performance.
  • QMS ensures that each quotation is drawn up in accordance with predefined rules which enhances the chance of success and your margin and decreases the costs of failure.

Advanced reporting features that allow clients to predict business projection and determine the success ratio for quotations.


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