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so over  the last six years  identifying five properties and every one of those five properties needed to be removed and between those properties, I’ve easily spent over a few hundred thousand dollars on renovations and upgrades and these are the biggest seven mistakes I’ve made all the way you guys learn from so I’ll get right into it.

 1.Lower cost material or Cheap material

I think it goes without saying that yet you can save a lot of money upfront by going with the cheaper material. It’s especially if it’s going to be a rental so really find balance in picking materials that get the highest return on your investment. Shree Laxman construction, they provide professional interior designer in Dwarka. they well know that mistakes they’ll also be going with cheaper materials and to save you a lot of money in the short term in the long term it ends up costing me more. when you come through in place now for me cheap the flooring was one of my first mistakes and in your first rental property. I got I  ended up going with the cheapest words. I could find in the home so I think they were like a dollar and nine cents per square, the foot comes on a special and I bought all of it now for the first few years it.  actually looked really good I would think these four words were like to attend an event and I thought I’d scored but then after a few years, the poorest a burger is coming up a little bit on edge then I noticed a sort of feel deep scratches really easily. but I notice that at anytime something a bit strong the damage became more and more evident especially if there’s any sort of water that this drops the floor started to come off around the edge about three and a half years in I started to have to replace a lot of floors with more expensive laminate flooring that is a lot more durable so looking back how to dispense an extra dollar per square foot on higher-end laminate flooring can still, really key to the bigger picture I  would have ended up saving a lot of money in the long term by just picking better materials from the get-go cheap tables another one for me the cheaper paint because I was trying to save cause on every single angle I  could and it turned out that cheaper paint started to peel it look as good and I ended up just going with better quality expansive future so again flooring and paint are two items that are more important to get quality material is to take the cheapest thing out there to save and cost it will cost more funds but it will save you more money in the future.

2.Install everything

fixing everything you can to the very beginning when remodeling a  property is a lot easier to get it done right now than wait for a few weeks or even a few months or even a year so the problem gets worse and in you’re forced to replace it do it immediately as soon as you can for me, this is frequently been in electrical and plumbing just because it’s working right now and maybe has a  few months or even a year of life left in it don’t wait until a break with one and then you have an even bigger problem on time it’s better to spend an extra money and get it fixed right now and put it off in the future because you’re going to need to do it anyway the point you may as well just get it out of the way right now my certain stage we go in.

3.carpets and rental properties

carpets and rental properties and this is even something I didn’t even give much thought to I usually see in bedroom 2 rental properties their carpets so I kind of assumed that carpet was the way to go targeted really dirty carpet needs to be replaced really often between tenants and it ends up cost me a lot more money keep replacing carpet than just doing laminate hardwood floors and very beginning and having the last and very long time if you just end up replacing carpet like twice in like two-three years already usually cost more and then forwards which could last 10-15  years or more.

4.Underestimating costs

when renovating a property is underestimating your constable parents, it will always I promise it’s always going to be more expensive than what you think.Professional engineers believe in quality, not in money .they was noticed all problems then suggest an estimated cost. Interior designer in Dwarka (Shree Laxman construction) they have done all projects at the worth its price. when you start remodeling you begin to notice of all the little things that you never paid attention to especially when you begin opening up walls and looking under the house and really getting into the details about you always find additional things that need repair and again it’s better to get all of these things done snapped upfront the right way and then put them on few years have it be an issue and maybe make it worse and end up being more expensive plus you always get unexpected things and to come up with remodeling place or you just decide to change things out as you go along and fix your ideas change or make you want to do something else instead or maybe just want to go higher end but things always tend to change along the way so because of that, I always recommend it in your mind budgeting an extra 10 to 20 percent on top of your renovation budget just in case anything else comes out and from my experience it. he usually tends to be a little bit more than what you really anticipate is always underestimating the number of times.

5.Underestimating repair

time estimating the number of times will take to fix up now especially with the state number four when you begin doing things is finding this is important needs to be done and you originally thought it ends up making more time so eagerly quoted three to four weeks for a project expect that to probably take five six seven said there’s always something else come up it’s going to take more time and more money so make sure that you don’t underestimate the time that is going to take the finish or a model card once just people run lathes and people are people and people make some space and it happens you have to account for all the mistakes and changes and things that need to be made along the way let’s give yourself an extra few weeks on every single project and that will give you a more realistic conference.

6. Not knowing and what are you doing

what I was  doing and we all fall victim to this  there’s definitely a very steep learning  curve between your first place and your  business place my recommendation is  always do your research that happens  base because of all inches of remodelling  taught that way if you go into a project  and you see something being done  incorrectly you can spot that out and  get it done correctly to hit it first so  for me my favourite mistakes last year  was actually with a landscaping project  that I was doing I keep the landscaper  pretty much complete Ranger property and  I allow them to do whatever you want to  do but I expected him to do it correctly  he cuts so many corners along the way  and did things so cheaply that in order  to do it correctly basically everything  has to be completely ripped out and done  over again that’s a lot of money down  the drain  just for a completely a crappy project  that needs to be entirely redone so now  after I went through all of that, I’m  pretty much like a landscaping expert  now and could point out what something  is being done incorrectly and I can make  sure in the future is done the right way  and by the way, I was able to learn a lot  about landscaping by going online and  consultants have probably been one defense resources for learning how to do  landscaping and like design and all that  sort of stuff consultant was probably the one that taught me from doing anything so far.

7. Not supervising work

workers retirement the thing is that  people are people and people just  naturally make mistakes and it happened  because they don’t make anything  sometimes the vision that you have in  your head this correlates to what other  people are thinking so other people  might have an entirely different opinion  about the way something should be done  that you had in your life  so you should not just blindly trust  people that they share the same vision  if you do because chances are it’s going  to differ a little bit so that’s why  it’s so important to be on-site as often  as possible  and make sure your people have to say  envision as you and are doing exactly  what you want to trust me on this one  supervising the work it’s probably one  of the best things we do I don’t need to  be a displace pretty much every single  thing but I’m here because every single  the day’s always like little minor tweaks  that I want fixed or things they want  moved around or changed little tiny  things that I wouldn’t think about until  I see them that’s why it’s so important  not just to blindly let them do their  thing like go on vacation for a few  weeks while the work gets done it’s so  important that you’re here could see it  and that way if anything needs to be  changed more there immediately to change  so overall learn from my mistakes and  learn from my experiences I’ve had to  spend a few hundred thousand dollars  letting these things don’t do these types of mistakes.  just so I can write this article for sharing things with you guys, so you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully, this will end up saving you a lot of money if you had of renovating a place in the future so again this is a recap the first mistake is going with cheap materials the second mistake is not fixing everything you can as soon as you can fix it the third mistake is going with carpet for rentals instead do high-quality laminate flooring the fourth mistake is underestimating repairs it’s always going to be more than what you think acidity the fifth estate is underestimating the amount of time it takes to fix plans it’s always going to entertain long run my six mistake which is not knowing what I was doing as a  basic knowledge is a basic understanding of the remodeling process and that’s going to help save you a lot of times a lot of money in the future by the seventh mistake obstructing the workers entirely you need to be somewhat involved in the process and supervise just in case something is not done to your life so as always I thank you so much for reading this article.


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