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Beat The Heat with An AC Package Unit from Budget Air Supply

AC Package Unit from Budget Air Supply

Summer is a short leap over the horizon and the temperatures seem to suggest it is eager to arrive. That, and keeping living quarters cool in the high heat of summer necessitates the provision of a quality package AC unit for your home or even your office, depending on the situation. Heat makes people drowsy and unproductive, so whether for home or work, keeping cool will maximize your productivity recreationally and economically. You simply need to pick the right unit.

Perhaps a Grandaire 2 ton 14 SEER AC Package Unit will suit your needs and keep things cool despite what the summer months have in store to throw at it. Capable of handling 2 tons and with 22,400 BTUs of cooling power at its disposal, this unit might be just what the doctor ordered for a smaller living area.

This unit is easy to install and easy to service, with panel accessibility at the side and in the front for repairs and maintenance. With vibration isolation and other features to minimize the volume of the unit’s operation and with a pre-painted cabinet and no-rust base pan, this unit is perfect for a residence.

If, however, you need to manage a larger area, a Grandaire package AC unit with similar features and capabilities can be obtained in configurations up to 5 tons. Moreover, these units come with a limited one-year replacement warranty and a 5-year warranty covering parts.

A Goodman package AC unit would be equally suited to buck the sweltering summer sizzle. With energy efficient compressors, quiet discharge and a line filter dryer, Goodman products are perfect packages to hit the ground running.

Their 2 ton 14 SEER package AC unit offers nearly 24,000 BTUs of cooling potential, and their 5 ton unit offers 57,500 BTUs of capability. With one footprint and three height configurations as well as a design that facilitates maintenance, Goodman’s package AC units are equally capable of handling the heat.

Additionally from Goodman should you desire are several options for package units that include not only an air conditioner but a heat pump. In such a manner you would be able to tackle not only the summer but the winter as well.

As far as settling on a package unit to settle your temperatures, though you might deliberate on the best option for your home, the choice of where to source your equipment is an easy one.

With the previously listed stock and much more and with much more capability, Budget Air Supply is a breath of fresh air for those looking for HVAC solutions. Many HVAC services have been rising in cost, on top of the existing expense of equipment.

Not only does Budget Air Supply have an impressive selection of wares, they themselves offer excellent prices on their equipment and different types of price matching.

On top of excellent selection and pricing, Budget Air Supply has made a name for itself amongst HVAC suppliers and technicians through its staunch reliability and accessibility to its customers.

Moreover, they have invested in warehousing and have been able to take control of their logistics, offering shipping times that the competition simply can’t match.

For service that is an outlier in its industry, an unrivaled selection, and even better prices, and for a supplier that will partner with you to select the right unit, deliver it to you, and ensure it is installed properly, you need to look no farther than Budget Air Supply – all the rest will disappoint. For your next package AC unit head straight to www.budgetairsupply.com.


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