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Find The Right 5 Ton AC Package Unit at Budget Air Supply


With summer a few short weeks away, and although it may not feel like summer is even that far off, now is high time to ensure that your home’s HVAC systems, or your business’s, are ready to tackle the heft of the summer heat.

The discomfort of a hot and humid room with no breeze needs no introduction or vilification, as it stands in its own right. Likewise, the relief of a cool room is like a breath of fresh air with no pun intended. When you’re looking for a safeguard from the heat, a 5 ton AC package unit is a sure option for most quarters to beat the heat.

Though on the larger end of the spectrum, there are still a host of viable options for the homeowner or office manager looking to secure such advantages against the summer. Moreover, when you trust in Budget Air Supply to outfit your home or business with its HVAC needs, you’ll have more to celebrate than simply comfortable living quarters. You’ll be getting service and support from the most reputable name in the business.

From Goodman you will find the 5 ton 15 SEER package air conditioner, which admirably brings 57,500 BTU’s of cooling capacity to the table, quite capable of bringing the thermostat’s readings under control. The unit features an energy efficient compressor, guaranteed for ten years, with an internal relief valve.

It also runs at 80 decibels but has a quiet horizontal discharge, a plus for keeping the noise down. Enclosed within a galvanized steel cabinet that offers a convenient access panel to the blower compartment, it more than capable of dispelling the winds of winter and the humidity of summer.

This unit is meant not only to keep large dwelling areas comfortable in the summer but to survive through many seasons of use. Top that off with a price match and free shipping from Budget Air Supply and there’s little reason to keep on shopping.

Yet if you do choose to keep on shopping, there are even more options for you to choose for outfitting your living spaces. From Grandaire you’ll find a 5 ton 14 SEER AC package unit with a horizontal footprint that brings 54,000 BTU’s of cooling power.

It utilizes R410A refrigerant for convenience and minimal effect to the environment and has liquid refrigerant filter driers. Compact for easy incorporation into areas where space is held at a premium and capable of being maintained and services on multiple fronts, this is an ideal unit for residential settings that has an impressive ability to keep spaces comfortable. This unit also comes with a 1-year warranty for the total unit and a 5-year warranty for its parts, both pledges of its intent to last.

When you settle on a 5 ton AC package unit to keep your quarters cool, there is only one sure-fire choice for the selection of a supplier. Budget Air Supply is the clear leader on the board of HVAC suppliers and service providers, and for a good many reasons.

On top of their excellent prices and selection, Budget Air Supply is a rare contender that places service to its customers as a fundamental cornerstone of the business. They not only supply the goods, but they will partner with you to ensure that the units are installed correctly and serviced properly.

Additionally, they have invested in their own warehouses, enabling them to take control of logistics. As a result, their shipping times far outstrip the competition, and Budget Air has faster shipping times than its contenders by a long mile. So when you’re going to update your HVAC systems, head to www.budgetairsupply.com and reap the rewards tenfold.

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