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The Beauty of Mother and Child Paintings

Mother and Child Paintings


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Motherhood is the purest form of relation on earth, be it in the human race or any other living creature. No relation is said to be as pure and as selfless compared to that of a mother and her child. The world has been blessed with a few such artists who depict pure masterpieces symbolizing the love between a mother and child with Mother and Child Paintings.

The emotive masterpieces created over eons successfully express beautiful sentiments in the simplest of manner. Some of them depict the mother taking efforts in upbringing her child, whereas others show serenity and compassion in the child and mother’s expressions when they are together. These artworks are beautiful and incomparable in their own ways, and just a glance of them fills us with profound love and overwhelming emotion.

Stated below is an excerpt of a few famous paintings of some well-known artists from this site. They can beautifully adorn the walls of your bedroom or drawing room, as per your requirements.

Few Famous Paintings

William A Bouguereau’s L’Innocence                                    

William A Bouguereau’s L’Innocence

Bouguereau was a French academic painter who mastered the art of painting realistic genres with mythological themes. He interpreted classical subjects with a modern viewpoint emphasizing mainly the female human body. He was rewarded with several honors, particularly in France and the US, and was known for giving the public space to interpret his paintings with their perspective. The Mother and Child Paintings L’Innocence is figurative and explanatory, expressing the emotions through the pure and innocent faces of a baby and a lamb.

Klimt’s Mother and Child

Klimt’s Mother and Child

Klimt was well known for his pictures of nudity and intense landscapes. Even though his nude pictures caused controversy, he received a significant commission from his patrons. Even for the picture of Mother and child, he has combined his loved concept but in a pure form of care and affection. No elements are as close as the mother to her child in the picture.

Da Vinci’s Madonna

Da Vinci’s Madonna

Da Vinci from the Renaissance time is the most famous artist well known for his evergreen paintings of Monalisa and The Last Supper. He was a perfectionist and the master of various fields of art, science, sculpture, cartography, botany, architecture, anatomy, and engineering.

His contributions, even in the field of science, are noteworthy. He used to connect everything with each other, believing science is an art and art is science. This painting depicts the Virgin Mary breastfeeding baby Christ. Leonardo had an eye for detail and has beautifully portrayed the expressions, clothes, and even minute details of Lady Mary’s dress in his paintings.

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Cassatt’s Mother and Child

Cassatt’s Mother and Child

Cassatt was a staunch feminist, outstanding and influential in her own ways. She was born to a wealthy family but suffered a lot of opposition to pursue her career in arts due to the mentality of people in those times.

After a lot of struggle, her paintings finally came to be accepted, and she pursued her love for arts, even after suffering from cataracts, diabetes, neuralgia, and rheumatism. Her domain was mainly paintings of mother and child, and her eye for detail is clearly seen in the picture below. The love of a mother for her baby is indeed unmatchable.

Monet’s Madame Monet and Child

Monet’s Madame Monet and Child

Born in Paris, Claude Oscar Monet was an impressionist and loved to portray different landscapes. He also loved to paint pictures of his wife, and the stated picture is an excerpt from such a collection. The sketch depicts Madame Monet with her needle and a Japanese dress matching her child’s while the child is engrossed in his play.

The background shows a beautiful two-dimensional view of red and pink blossoms surrounded by lush green grass. The lady is absorbed in knitting while the child is in his play and the toy horse stands still between the two. The painting is in the times of the early career of Monet. Later he became known for his loose brushstrokes and use of vibrant colors for ingenious formations.


The theme of mother and child is a vast one and is beautified further by depictions that come alive by many renowned artists. These paintings provide quietude and establish a strong bond in good times of pregnancy when a to-be mother can benefit the most with a view at these artistic frameworks. One glance at the art on your wall would always render a smile and the imagination of precious moments with your child. You can duly fulfill your dreams by ordering handmade oil paintings from the online art gallery.

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