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8 Ways to Adorn your Dream Home with Abstract Art

Dream Home with Abstract Art

Considered as an offbeat art type, abstraction is a non-representational art practice. With eye-catchy compositions and quirky designs for your Dream Home with Abstract Art, this art form makes a perfect choice to transform your home into an eclectic space. Triggering interest with its bold colors, lines, and forms, modern abstract painting can adorn your house with beautiful interpretations of the world taken from an unconventional angle.

Evolved around the period of Modernism and Post-Modernism, abstract art has its distinctive style to reflect creativity. Giving freedom to the artists to explore ideas, abstraction redefines the sense of art.  With eccentric compositions, abstract paintings can add energy to your space, and rejuvenate the room’s ambiance instantly.

If you wish to decorate Dream Home with Abstract Art & walls with numerous colors and elements exquisitely put in place, abstract art offers a versatile and customizable emotion. However, with countless abstract painting ideas available for decoration, choosing the one for your space can get intimidating. Often, you may also be confused while deciding where to place the artwork! How to make it work? Do not fret!

Read on as we list 8 best ways to beautify your home with abstract art:

1 Decide a Point

Abstract art can enliven the living space for those who love a colorful vibe. Abstract painting ideas are all about filling up the house with attractive colorful compositions to draw attention.

Decide a Point

To embellish your living space, decide a point where you feel the art will fit the best. Since abstract art is bold, it goes well with both richly hued and white backdrops. If you want a tranquil feel, a fluid abstract print can help give your bedroom or dining room a soothing look. Opt for a geometric abstract print to give your kitchenette a captivating appearance. 

Choose between a fluid abstract print and an abstract geometric print taking into consideration your room’s color palette and decor style. Ideally, catchy abstract compositions go well with all black, white, and colorful backgrounds, so you do not need to worry about ending up with the wrong choice.

2 Keep Size and Frame Consistent

Abstract art varies with different compositions- one can be colorful while the other can go bold in black and white. The best trick to make the best out of abstract art is to keep the size and frame of the art consistent.

Keep Size and Frame Consistent

Remember that the artworks appear united even after the compositions differ when they have a consistent form. You may be displaying two different compositions side by side to the walkway or maybe hanging behind a piece of furniture. So, to bring an appealing look, ensure that the size and frame are kept consistent.

3 Use of Colorful Prints

If you do not have a modern interior, don’t worry, colorful modern abstract painting goes well with a mid-century home too. Use abstract arts having blue varieties and colorful prints as a base, as they complement wooden furniture and floors.

Use of Colorful Prints

No matter whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or in-between, colorful prints work everywhere. If you are trying a geometric print, ensure to have a series of artworks at the same place to bring a real impact.

4 Use of Oversized Art

The modern abstract painting ideas talk about a new trend- ‘Oversized art’. If you are swayed by oversized artworks and want to place a large framed painting at home, remember that it offers a mesmerizing effect when placed against a wall rather than hanging it over.

Use of Oversized Art

You can opt for Fintan Whelan’s abstracts, as it looks fascinating in large prints. An oversized abstract art can give a brilliant look to every dull wall in your home that you find lacking liveliness. You can also opt for Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract works. He is known as the first artist to paint abstract art. His creations in an oversized print placed against a wall can astonish viewers.

5 Stick to Subtle Colors

Subtle colors give abstract art a good look and mood. There is no need to spend on texture paintings for your walls or selecting bold backgrounds, as subtle ones simply bring a distinct look. A minimalist color palette for the walls beautifies the view of your abstract art.

Stick to Subtle Colors

Select the art that matches your walls or complement your abstract artwork with the color of your sofa or interiors. Abstract arts are versatile, so bring the best impact by simply placing them over subtle backdrops. Renovate your home with a stunning exhibition of abstract artworks and sculptures!

6 Add into the Existing Gallery

Do you refrain from experimenting with artworks?

Abstract art fits in with multiple genres, so you do not need to worry about placing it into your existing gallery. If you have figurative paintings and traditional prints installed in your walkway, add abstract arts by Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, etc. to enhance appearance.

Add into the Existing Gallery

Fill your gallery with a mix of large and small pieces of abstract, traditional, and figurative artworks and it will offer a sophisticated appearance altogether.

7 Embrace Color Field Abstract Work

Abstract painting ideas aim at embracing color blocking. If you have a room that needs a splash of colors to make it appealing, color field abstract work can do wonders. Choose Ellsworth Kelly’s color field abstract artworks and it will complement your room with simplicity.

Ellsworth Kelly’s hard edge painting, color field painting, and minimalism can bring marvelous sensations to your room without any risk of too much busyness. You can also choose Mark Rothko’s artworks, as the rich use of color will definitely embellish your drawing space.

Embrace Color Field Abstract Work

8 Use Modern with Traditional

If you are struggling to incorporate a modern abstract painting into your traditional space, trust us, and go for contrasting modern with traditional works!

Abstract art has an avant-garde beauty and it goes well when a modern painting is placed with an old-fashioned piece. Still not convinced? Check the example below:

Use Modern with Traditional

A bold geometric abstract art will beautifully contrast your traditional mahogany furniture, so do not hesitate from doing experiments. 

Wrap Up:

From fitting into a traditional space to perfectly suiting the modern interiors, abstract painting ideas introduce a unique style for every home. The best quality of abstract art is that it brings a new style with a degree of independence of following no rules.

With a wide range of acrylic and oil paintings into production, the demand for abstract art is consistently rising. Mixing into all genres, abstract art adds endless moods to every decor. Evolved around the late 19th and early 20th century, abstract art paintings and sculptures can adorn your home perfectly.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee and shop for the best abstract art piece today!

We hope this article helped you come across some ways to embellish living spaces with abstract art beautifully and you will get your Dream Home with Abstract Art & Painting. If you have more inputs, do comment in the section below. Thanks for reading!

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