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Beginner, Common And Essential Tools Required For Garden Maintenance

Tools Required For Garden Maintenance

If you are a beginner and want basic garden maintenance experience, then you will need a specific set of gardening tools to have in your shed. If you need more advanced maintenance and curate your garden then you will need to have a few essential and crucial gardening tools in your kit. 

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As for the beginners, the basic gardening tools that you will need without going overboard include:

  • Gloves: This will save you from the thorns and splinters while gardening. Make sure that these are of high quality and durable, not too bulky and fits in properly.
  • Pruning Shears: These hand pruners, also known as secateurs will help you in pruning your plants. You can choose Anvil pruners that are more like a knife on a board or bypass pruners that look more like scissors, according to your needs.
  • Loppers: This is another cutting tool that is actually a long-handled pruner that you can use to trim thicker branches in areas that are hard to reach.
  • Garden Fork: Used to turn soil, this tool can also dig dense soil much better than a spade due to its slight curve. You can choose any variant from the straight square or flat tines.

You will also need to have a hand trowel which is essential for transplanting bedding herbs and plants, taking out the weeds for garden maintenance or planting containers.

A few common tools 

If you want a bit more than basic garden maintenance, you will need to possess a few common tools that will help you in the process. 

  • Hose and spray nozzles are required if the plants are not in self-watering containers in your yard. A watering can not suffice to water your plants. Make sure these are light in weight, expandable and easy to maneuver. Also, make sure that it comes with a high-quality and adjustable spray nozzle to reach out to a wider area and also to control the flow of the water. This will conserve water as well. 
  • You will also need a wheelbarrow which will make it easy to move dirt, piles of leaves and compost from one place to another in your yard. You can also move new seedlings to garden beds in different areas in your property much more effortlessly.
  • Also, get a weeder or a dandelion digger to remove these easily. These are special tools for garden maintenance that will remove the weeds from the root as the tines will penetrate the soil easily and pull out the weed. You will find it easier to use when you buy a standup weeder.
  • A Hori Hori garden knife is another popular gardening tool that has a slightly curved, sharp and serrated edge. This tool is used to cut through the soil or roots.

A spading fork which looks much like a pitchfork is another common gardening tool. The four tined forks will make turning soil and dirt easy.

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A couple of crucial tools 

There are also a few crucial tools for garden maintenance. These are:

  • Dibbers: This tool will help you to make a hole for planting seeds, seedlings or bulbs. You can choose oak timber or stainless-steel dibbers. The calibrated rings will ensure proper depth eliminating guesswork from the planting process. 
  • Digging spade: Since this is an essential tool that you will use often, it is better to buy one made from stainless steel. These will not rust and the soil will not stick to it. 

Other crucial tools for garden maintenance are a garden trowel, a fork hoe, a garden knife, and also a golden gark rake which is a multipurpose tool and an oscillating hoe.


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