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Create Your Perfect Carbide End Mill Set At Online Carbide

Carbide End Mill Set

If you are a machinist who looks with milling machines, you know how rare it is to complete a job from start to finish using only one end mill. End Mills and other milling cutting tools are designed with specific functions in mind and they are typically used in sequence from the rough mill to the chamfering mill. If you know what cutters your shop uses, you can put together your own Carbide End Mill Set at Online Carbide.

Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of high-quality solid carbide end mills. We use the same solid carbide stock and top of the line 5 axis CNC grinders as leading manufacturers, but we don’t deal with middlemen or big box stores. We strive to make the finest cutting tools on the market and offer them to our customers at manufacturer-direct prices. Whether you just need a single cutter or you want to put together your own carbide end mill set, you will find tons of options on our website.

The key to any good end mill is the material it is made of. High-speed steel has become an affordable option for tools used on softer materials, but they just can’t hold up when used on metals and other hard materials. Steel tools are hard and sharp, but they can only handle so much heat. Once your steel tool has run long enough to reach high surface temperatures, they can quickly lose their temper. As a result, the cutting edges will soften and they will quickly dull or chip. If you have experienced these issues before, it’s time to make the switch to carbide cutters.

Carbide is practically a miracle material for tool production. In their raw form, carbides are ceramics formed from the combination of metals and carbon. Tungsten carbide, which is commonly used in tools, is twice as dense and rigid as steel. In order to be turned into tools, the powdered carbide has to be cemented together using a metal, typically cobalt for toolmaking applications. This cemented carbide stock combines the rigidity and density of a ceramic with the strength and durability of metal.

This means that carbide tools can handle higher temperatures while they maintain their sharp cutting edge. They also have the added benefit of being extremely rigid, meaning they will not oscillate significantly, even at high speeds. This is perfect for milling applications where absolute precision is key.

Here at Online Carbide, we offer a wide range of solid carbide tools for your shop. Our current inventory includes full form thread mills, single pitch thread mills, square end mills, ball end mills, variable helix end mills, end mills for aluminum, 6 flute end mills, center drills, spot drills, stub drills, chamfer mills, drill mills, and jobber drills. All of our mills are made with polished carbide for a gorgeous finish and smooth chip evacuation. We also offer coatings including titanium aluminum nitride and zirconium nitride to offer extra protection on select tools.

Whatever tools your shop needs, you can’t go wrong with our carbide cutters. Visit our site today to put together your own perfect carbide end mill set at our amazingly low prices. We know that once you start using our tools, you will love their amazing longevity and how smoothly they cut. If you have any questions about our end mills, feel free to reach out to our team at 630-238-1424 between 8 am and 5 pm CST or send us an email at [email protected].

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