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Best Things To Do And See In Italy


Few parts of the world can claim so rich of architecture, art, music, and food. From the verdant mountains to the craggy hills, Italy is shattering with beauty. The country is so beautiful that no list of “tops” or “bests” can compete with its splendor.

The country is situated in southern Europe and has all the things to make you addicted. Visitors love the country because of the aesthetic experience and enchanting history. It is often said that one life is not enough to explore the beauty of Italy. But, there are still some places where you can satiate your exploration hunger without going astray. Plus, there are some things that you can enjoy to relish your journey to Italy. Today, we will be discussing the best places and things to do in Italy. We hope that our musings will help you in organizing your trip to Italy.

Places to Visit in Italy

From the serene lakes and tranquil markets to the bustling towns and crowded beaches, Italy has everything to offer to all kinds of tourists. The country is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe. So, if you are planning to spend your next holidays in Italy by Turkish Airlines, then you must need to visit these places.

1.      Milan

Since the city hosts an airport, it is the major entry point for the tourists. It is generally overlooked as a tourist destination, but for the hungry explorers,the city has much to offer. Apart from hosting the best architectural attractions, the city also depicts the diverse culture and fashion of Italy. Surprisingly, the place has also been home for the acclaimed designers and artists, including Verdi, Toscanini, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Duomo II is the massive cathedral in Milan and is famous for its magnificence and the finest style. Similarly, La Scala is also located in this city and has the reputation of being the world’s most prestigious opera house.

2.      Amalfi

Located in the heart of Amalfi Coast, the Amalfi town is a pure gem in Italy. A town is an ideal place if you want to explore the coastline or take the day trip to Capri. Even though the town is not much colorful, the dramatic houses and the cobbled streets create a fascinating ambiance of serenity. You can appreciate the beauty of a nearby cathedral, or you can take some time to enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafes surrounding the cathedral. Additionally, you can head to the beach clubs if you want to bask in the sun.

3.      Sicily

An autonomous region of Italy, Sicily has the reputation of being the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island also has a number of smaller isles. The Straits of Messina separate this region from mainland Calabria. The island is rich in history and art because it had served as a home to the various Mediterranean civilizations. Some of the historically significant places are the Palermo Baroque churches and the Agrigento’s Valley. In addition, Mount Etna is the most striking feature of the area as it is the tallest active volcano in Europe.

4.      Barbaresco

Barbaresco is a unique ancient village located on the southwest side of Piemont. It is also termed “little brother” of the wine Barolo. The area where Barbaresco is located has recently been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscape of Langhe-Roero by visiting the El Torre di Barbaresco. Plus, if you are obsessed with hiking and cycling, then “bar to bar” is an ideal route. The magical atmosphere, pristine view, and the tranquility gathered in one place make Barbaresco a must-visit destination in Italy.

5.      Naples

While Venice is famous for canals and Florence for Renaissance, it is Naples where you will experience the sheer exuberance that will leave you spellbound. The narrow streets of this frantic place are filled with noise, life, and color. From the magnificent palaces and treasure-filled churches to the archaeological wonders, you will find plenty of to-do’s here. For the savor views of Mt. Vesuvius, you can stroll by the waterfront. Similarly, you should also enter into the glass-domed Galleria Umberto to shop for the essential commodities. Last but not least, never forget to taste the pizza from the nearby luxury bars.

6.      Venice

Venice is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Italy. The city is built upon a water surface surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. There are a total of 118 islands here connected by hundreds of canals and bridges. The Grand Cana divides the city into two sections, which is why it is the most famous canal in the city. The historic architecture and the picturesque waterways magically surge the romantic beauty of Venice. The city is always crowded with tourists, but coming here in summers will give you the genuine experience of this watery wonder.

Things to do in Italy

As you have already looked at the most significant places in Italy, it’s time to take you once step further. Italy is full of entertaining and enthralling things. There are so many activities which you can enjoy here free of cost. Indeed, the things in Italy will imprint a permanent image on your body and soul. Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy to create unforgettable memories.

1.      Admire Gothic Architecture in Milan

Milan Cathedral is a spectacular gothic church located in the heart of Milan. You must need to come here to admire the grandeur and architecture of the building. The structure took six centuries to complete, and it would surely blow you away. The best time to come here is October as you will avoid the large tourist crowds. You can take a private tour to the cathedral if you want to enjoy a one-to-one guide. You can get the air promo deals for Milan by visiting the official websites of different airlines.

2.      Tour Lake Como by Boat

Como Lake is unquestionably the most beautiful lake in Italy and is surrounded by the dazzling mountain slopes and lush greenery. Furthermore, it is also dotted with magnificent towns and compact villas. The place has attracted royalty since the Roman Times. A tour of the lake on a boat where you will observe the gardens and villas is definitely worth a try.

3.      Go to the Beaches

Since waters surround the country, you will find a number of beaches here. The beaches of Viareggio and Rimini are popular for the month of August as people come here in droves to beat the heat. The long strands are stretched all across the coastline, thereby giving a stunning outlook. Plus, you will also be able to eat from nearby restaurants that offer the best cuisine in Europe. Moreover, the nature reserves near the beaches will also soothe your nerves.

4.      Climb Mount Vesuvius

Because of its eruption, Mount Vesuvius is considered as one of the most famous mountains in the world. However, it is completely safe to climb it as you can easily trek to the crater of mountains that look like the surface of the moon. Amazingly, once you reach the top, you will be overwhelmed by the breathtaking views. The houses situated underneath the mountains seem as if they are made up of toys.

5.      Marvel at the Coliseum

Your trip to Italy would not complete until you visit the famous and mighty Coliseum. The magnificent ruins of the ancient amphitheater are one of the greatest relics of the present time. In this stadium, more than 50,000 spectators used to watch the fights between humans and the hungry lions. The ground was also famous for the gladiator matches full of violence. Visiting this place is important if you want to get lost in ancient Rome.

6.      Try Pizza in Its Birthplace

It is widely believed that pizza was invented in Naples. So, why not eat pizza from its birthplace? Today, this traditional dish of Italy is judged by its crust, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. So, you simply need to head to Naples through cheap flight tickets if you want to try the genuine and delicious pizza. The best time to come to Naples is between March and June as the taste of pizza skyrockets during the spring.


We have accurately represented everything. If you truly follow this guide, then you would be at a safer side. Not only will your time be saved, but you will also create exciting memories. You can visit faremakers.com to book the online ticket for Italy at a low price.


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