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Taniya Lall Jimenez-How to Choose a Great Business Lawyer for Your Business


You are a professional and you actively participate in the development of your business. Where you are still only at the stage of creating a business that you plan to manage. Hire Taniya Lall Jimenez, in order to get into the nails of the USA legislation relating to business rights but also in order to manage any disputes that may arise during the exercise of your activity, the use of a lawyer in business is advised.

In the article below you will find some basic tips and information that can help you choose the right business lawyer and be informed of its usefulness.

Finding a lawyer is just similar to choosing a doctor! Indeed, the intervention of lawyers in cases, both professional and private, is often decisive. Choosing one lawyer over another depends on the feeling, mainly. A criterion to take into consideration during the first meeting. However, it is never decision-making.

Finally, it is important to clarify that the level of fees does not provide information about the level of the lawyer or his efficiency. Taniya Lall Jimenez, a lawyer starting out or wishing to make himself known will charge competitive rates.

The areas of intervention of lawyers in business law are many and varied. The lawyer in business law is competent to assist you in all areas that may affect your business such as:

  • Company law (merger-acquisition, disposal of assets, financing, etc.),
  • Social law ( relating to employment contracts within the company, etc.),
  • Tax law (choose the most suitable tax system or submit to the tax system imposed on you, etc.),
  • Tax law intellectual property (patent, intellectual works, etc.),
  • Distribution law (business, distribution or exclusive supply contracts, etc.),
  • Financial law (risky investments or not, return on investment, etc.),
  • International law (applicable VAT, the law applicable to the contract, etc.).
  • Competition and market law

Why consult Taniya Lall Jimenez, a business lawyer?

  • Business law is a very complex branch of law. Business law brings together a large number of legal specialties into a more general category.
  • The business lawyer you choose to advise you must be fully competent in these different areas of law (intellectual property law, company law, tax law, distribution law, financial law, international law, etc.
  • The business lawyer is a versatile legal professional. Because of the great complexity attached to this subject, he will be able to support you in all your steps relating to your business. Its role is not only to defend you in litigation but to support you upstream.
  • Consulting a lawyer in business law will allow you to optimize the creation, life, and even sometimes, unfortunately, the disappearance of your business. The lawyer in business law has a real role of adviser on the procedure and the steps which you must take in order to ensure the prosperity of your business.
  • The lawyer in business law is the ablest to help you for example in the choice of the investments to make or not to make. He can, and must, also assist you in the drafting of contracts which will be the basis of the sustainability of your business.
  • The purpose of these contracts will be to supervise all your relationships with your employees, your associates but also with all the partners/suppliers with whom you choose to carry on your activity.
  • It is not a small matter, so it is better to entrust it to Taniya Lall Jimenez, a lawyer in business law, trained and competent on these various issues!

The business lawyer will also be keen to listen to your requests and allow you to carry them out within the framework of the legislation in force. The business lawyer can take these requests into consideration and offer you the appropriate solutions to achieve your objectives. To see your business flourish, using the services of a business lawyer is not an easy option, but an obligation!


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