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Best Time to Visit Hong Kong


Hong Kong is always nice all year round, but it’s more pleasurable to visit during certain months, depending on your hobbies. Is it shopping that reels you to the land of skyscrapers? Is it the appeal of theme parks and the joys of Christmas? Maybe it’s the colorful and dramatic traditional festivals that led you to book that plane ticket. We break down the best times to visit Hong Kong in line with your particular interests or adventure. Take a look:

1) Plan your trip between September and July if you like shopping

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise; it always is no matter when you decide to visit. However, some months prove ideal because of the enormous discounts they bring. The time between July and early September sees stores offer excellent incentives to entice travelers pouring in on the sunny beaches. If you’re interested in ritzy label launches, set your trip for autumn or winter.
Still, on the matter of getting good worth for your buck, the Chinese New Year is also an excellent time to find yourself in Hong Kong. The buzz of the festivities ensures you’re bound to get a good sale. In particular, purpose to be at Temple Street for some fantastic night shopping. Typically open all year, it’s important to note that the largest market in the city closes doors during parts of the first day of these celebrations, so aim to get your buying affairs in order after 7 pm.

2) November to April is the perfect time to scour Hong Kong Disneyland

The city’s Disneyland is one of the most exciting and dramatic in the world, featuring musicals with your favorite animations and thrilling rides inspired by famous cartoons. As a general rule of thumb, stick to the week and non-holiday days of the year as the park is especially packed on such days.

A side tip for your trip to Hong Kong Disneyland: be sure to get a Hong Kong massage afterward. A day of tiring fun can only be matched by the unparalleled relaxing that you get with a body therapy that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

3) Summer on Victoria Peak

Victoria’s peak is highly sought after for its brimming green nature and the fantastic cityscape views that you get off it. Standing before the crowds of cloud-piercing buildings and skyscrapers, the peak is a refreshing vantage point with the best scenery in the city. The view is particularly clear during summer when the foggy air is chased off by the occasional downpours.
As with Disneyland, steer clear of holidays and weekends if you can, also the best times to visit your favorite places. Make a plan for an early morning weekday or after dark when the crowds have retreated home. Either time you visit, you’re sure to be impressed by the architectural display.

4) The first few months of the year are laden with festivals

Are you a party lover with a penchant for living in the moment and a love for traditional festivities? Then you should be in Hong Kong during the first couple of months of a new year. Aside from the Chinese New Year fireworks, there are lots of other options between January and February. You should also consider making some time between May and July if you’d like to experience exciting boat designs paddling the river Shing Mun. The Dragon Boat Festival will undoubtedly impress you even if you don’t have a thing for nautical displays. So are you planning a trip to Hong Kong soon? You now know why and when to visit!


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