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Tips to boost you gaming pc

Tons of websites will help you boost your PC for gaming. Just type your query on the search bar and you will get millions of results to enhance your gaming PC’s performance.

It isn’t all that difficult to find the right optimization software, and there are quite a few freebies that will do just fine. Just be careful not to get one that’s full of ads and popups, because this can slow down your PC significantly.

However, when you need to boost your PC for gaming, it’s a good idea to put some serious effort into choosing the right program. It is the only part of the story, so don’t forget to take advantage of other options such as the installation of additional software drivers that will improve your PC.

If you are still playing older games, you may have trouble getting your PC to keep up with newer titles. So, do yourself a favor and get a good gaming laptop with a good CPU.

You can learn how to boost your gaming PC with these tips. I’m not going to tell you that you’re only wasting your time and money.

A computer is only as good as your PC is working for you. If you love playing online games for long hours, you’re already one step ahead in terms of optimization. But if you play online games occasionally; your computer system –almost perfect.

Spend more on system’s RAM:

Your PC may not have much of a problem running a few Windows programs. If you have less than 3GB of RAM, however, your gaming experience will suffer. So, make sure you spend more on your system’s RAM than on the CPU.

Operating systems:

Another thing to watch out for is operating systems. Windows Vista is great for gaming, but XP can slow your PC down to a crawl. Make sure you buy a PC that is compatible with the OS you plan to use so that it’s quick and easy to switch to another OS if needed.

iPod Touch is a great way to get started with gaming:

For more influential games, check out the iPod Touch, which is a lot smaller than your traditional MP3 player. Your iPod Touch is a great way to get started with gaming, but be aware that it may be a little hard to configure for faster, better-looking games, and it can only run a few games at a time.

Good and Efficient CPU:

A computer that can run multiple programs and games, it must have a good and efficient CPU. The working speed of your computer mostly depends on the size of your RAM.

Best Programs for optimizing PC:

For even faster PC gaming, you can use programs like Fraps and Dxtory. Dxtory is one of the best software built to boost your gaming PC, but its core function is to display the frame rate and speed of your game.

Upgrade your Graphics Card:

Graphics card is the central component of your gaming computer but without the proper software installed on your PC.

Going from the came to the latest version with either your PC or your graphics card can make a big difference in performance. Check out the latest Nvidia’s graphics drivers on the market.

Upgrade to an SSD:

SSDs are much faster than mechanical hard disks, and this certainly does not boost the frame rate of your game, it reduces load time in gameplay.

My advice is to go with an SSD of more than 250 GB at least, as most games take up about 8-20 Gigabytes these days. For starters, my Steam folder clocks in at a massive 60 Gigabyte and everything I purchased was Age of Empires III, Evil within 2, Grand Theft Auto V and the new Tomb Raider.

Tuning the NVIDIA Control Panel:

All NVIDIA’s software drivers come equipped with control panels that let you customize the 3D settings. Although many of the following options can be set in-game, some are not available or are controlled directly by the driver. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go through the list of all options and adjust them for the best performance and visual quality balance.


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