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Big Escape Rooms You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!


We all are aware of the different escape games which are different from watching movies, shopping etc. you want to host a birthday party, business meeting, get together etc. Atlanta escape rooms are always available. Do you want to try something new? something really big, exciting and adventures

There are six big Bizarre Atlanta escape rooms huge in size, maximum entertainment and double hours.

Let us see the unbelievable, amazing and big Atlanta escape rooms.

1. Paradox Project: 3 Hour Escape Game :

You must be amazed to hear that it is not a room it is full-blown escape house. Here you are not guided or assessed by someone, the moment you enter through the main door, the game starts. There are several videos which direct you to play the game. The hints are sent through SMS on the special mobile of mysteriously disappeared uncle. There are 4 main rooms and in the entire space, the action is passed. It requires a great deal to think of all possible ways and solve the riddles. Inst it fun and exciting?

2. Legend of Zelda escape room :

This is a different kind of game which requires a lot of paperwork and tedious work. It is not a normal escape game. It’s like teams of 6 is put on the little green Phrygian Hats, worked on puzzles and interacted with items you see on the Legend of Zelda Series. The teams are supposed to seal the master sword to defeat Glandorf after the game’s heroes have been defeated.

3. Kidnap: Big Escape Rooms Secret Pop up a game :

This is a kind of Atlanta escape room that is not open to the public as it is booked for the parties or gatherings above 42 people. The name itself sounds crazy. A special request is to be made to play this game.

4. Kingdom of Cats :

I am sure you must have got some idea of seeing the name. This game is for cat lovers. You can find this game in California at Omescapes in San Jose. Kingdom of cats is ruled by Austin Schrodinger and every year a tournament to find out the wisest cat in the kingdom is organized by him. The funniest part is accidentally human to be the part of this tournament and does the battlefield. And according to the law you need to complete the tournament to imprisoned forever. So, you have two options either be a prisoner forever or solve the puzzles. So, all the cat lovers do play this game when you visit California.

5. Steal the car :

Atlanta escape games are just not the games it’s about getting in a particular situation and then experiencing it. Have you ever stolen a car? If no then you have a great opportunity to do it without any risk and legalities. In this case, your team would go to steal a car I mean actual car and eventually you guys will drive off in it. This is very famous in Canada. The Canadian escape room is one of great escape room for this game.

6. Hoppers cabin from stranger things :

So, all the fans of strange things just move to Powder Springs Georgia. You must get it from the name it’s one of the Atlanta escape rooms wherein you need to explore Hopper and Elevens cabin, decipher clues, unlock doors, horror-themed puzzles and solve the mystery before time runs out. So, these are some of the big Atlanta escape rooms which you should visit.

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