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How To Spend the COVID-19 Lockdown

How To Spend the COVID-19 Lockdown

Today, maximum countries are facing with COVID-19 situation and fight against to get relief. Even the government is also making the policies and take the good decision of lockdown to prevent people from this virus & focusing to maintain social distancing. Moreover, doing all possible acts necessary for life survival. As the Corona positive cases are growing day by day and we are losing the people like anything. We can see the world wide count of Corona positive cases and death rates. We can also make a big contribution to fight against COVID-19 by supporting our Government acts & follow the disciplines for lockdown, staying at home will keep you and your family healthy and safe.

We have no doubts that lockdown can be extended more if the Corona cases will get increase like this only and we will have to stay home till that time. But, you know what, you got some time from your fast running life to do something which you have never can do due to busy routine life and yes now can do that. And we also give you the suggestion to utilize this time which will keep you happy and healthy also. Here below are some activities can be done at the time of lockdown and even you can keep doing it even after startup your daily routine life, for what everybody is waiting desperately.

Spend Family Time with Chit-Chats

By working for day long, hard to get time to sit free with your family and enjoy yourself with them. Now, it’s time to sit with them and have lots of laughter and talks. Share your feelings & tell them how much you love them and play some games, chit-chats, jokes, fun, and much more.

Learn Fitness Tricks & Exercise Routine

You may focus on your fitness point by setting up your exercise and diet routine. In 24/7 running, you can’t according to your body require to stay fit and you eat your food as per the convenience and lack of time for the exercise. Set your fixed time for exercise or yoga for everyday routine & set some healthy meals for a specific time, especially to improve your immunity.

Learn New Skills

You may start with learning which may add on to your potential. It could be any professional training or certifications, fashion skills, cooking for new dishes, beauty skills, crafting, painting, musician, etc. It up to you to select either for your hobbies or professional skills enhancement. But you may utilize the time with learning new skills and experiments with them.

Make New Dishes at Home

We all love yummy food and we have no doubt in that, even we don’t get much time to make or learn the new dishes and order directly from the restaurants. But now everything is shut down and you have no options to order for favorite dishes. Now, this is the time to learn cooking for your favorite dishes at home and enjoy them with family. It will add more taste with love when you will cook for your family and will eat with them.

Family Prayers

We are struggling with the pandemic situation and we should add the family prayers with love & unity of togetherness. Pray from the heart will reach God, the power of healing & protecting their kids. This will give you a positive approach to struggle with this virus and get the strength to win over it. This will be nothing but blessing you will get when you all sit/stand in front of your God & pray from your core of heart.

Learn New Techniques

You always want to be an all-rounder and nothing wrong that if you are perfect in maximum activities and handle on your own. If not, then now you can learn new technologies by detailed knowledge about the same. You may also take guidance from internet sources like blogs, forums, YouTube videos, etc. Here you can get the brief knowledge and steps to guide to experiment with the techniques.

Play Indoor Games

Games are playing a vital role when its better family gathering, it adds lots of fun and laughter with your loved ones. You may play indoor games with your family members like chess, ludo, quiz, antarkshari, caroms, UNO, and many more games. And if you have kids in your family then make them participated & play their level games.

Listen to Music & Dance

Music is something that actually touches your soul & hearts on the rhythm. And sometimes, you automatically tap the feet on the beats of the music. Make your playlist and listen to the songs even make your dance steps which will turn on your mood.

Watch Movies & TV Shows

You may watch your favorite movies and TV shows to kill your time & add on the entertainment on your routine. As we know the telecast of old Ramayana, Mahabharata, Jungle Book, Shaktiman is come up and this will memorize your childhood memories and the new generation will also see something different. Also, you may use Amazon Prime, Netflix, Airtel Xtream, and more application to watch your favorite movies and shows.

You may utilize the time of lockdown in something creative thing and live the life you ever wanted to live. You got the free time to think for your career & lifestyle to plan all steps for better execution. But on the priority you need to maintain the social distancing, stay at home & go outside when it is really needful. Also, better take care of hygiene & cleanliness to fight against Corona, Wash your hands, clean your home, and stay healthy stay safe.


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