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What are the Disadvantages of a Punching Bag Workout?

What are the Disadvantages of a Punching Bag Workout


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Punching bag workout is considered to be one of the best workouts. Punching bag workout is primarily intended to build fighting skills. Alongside this, it also contributes to making your physical strength strong. Although punching bag workout is considered to be one of the great workouts in building up your muscles.

But there are some disadvantages to it as well. This article will walk you through in detail and explains some of the disadvantages punching bags have. Because where there are benefits of something there are disadvantages of it as well. So, a few of them are discussed here below.

1.      Lazy Eyes

This is one of the major disadvantages of punching bag workout. Lazy eyes in punching bags mean that the players start losing their focus and keeps their eyes off of the punching bags. This can cause a great problem for them. This happens usually when you focus on your training of the punches. And forget to focus on the eyes.

Your eyes start looking at the mirror or you start looking at your competitor and lost your focus. When this happens, you got easy hits by your opponent and cannot do anything with this. This is due to the reason of lazy eyes.

2.      As it is Heavy, It Can Cause Stress

Another disadvantage is that heavy bag punching can make you stressed out. The actual disadvantage of this bag revolves around the hanging of the bag. As it is super heavy so it can cause stress on the stand if not done correctly.

So, you have to focus on this part as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that this bag training did not cover everything you need to learn it lacks variation so you have to do it on your own.

3.      Poor or Bad Distance Control

Poor or bad distance control is also another major disadvantage that is faced by many boxers. This is also a problem of concern which most people did not know. Some people are too focused on punching hard that they do not learn how to control the distance.

Two main problems occur here such as the boxers let the heavy bag gets too closer to them or they let it go too far from them. In both, the problem of the case remains the same. It is advised that you quickly step in with fast footwork and don’t wait for the bag to come to you.

Alongside this don’t keep the bag too close to you. Instead, you should work on your footwork that will eventually improve your performance.

4.      The Heavy Bag does not Hit Back

The heavy bag does not hit you back is also considered to be one of the major drawbacks of training with the punching bags. People or boxers using punching do not focus on the defense at all. This can cause a problem for many boxers. As they forget to learn about how to be defensive in certain situations.

Since the bag just stays in one place and only moves a bit. Therefore, the boxers become lazy and do not bother it much. This can be a serious issue in many scenarios. This can also lead to bad defense and in return, their opponents beat them in the ring.

5.      People Do not Pull their Hands Back

As described earlier people do not care about their defense. Likewise, they do not pull their hands back. This is also one of the common mistakes people do while working out with the punching bags. When the throw punches such as jabs and crosses.

They forget to bring their hands back to the normal defensive position. It can create problems for them. If they will not defend themselves their opponent will hit them hard. So, it is super important to take care of your hand positions.

6.      Hand Injuries or Hand Damage

One of the major problems that boxers face is hand damage or hand injuries. If you beat your fist against a very strong object daily. Then there are more chances of damaging your hands. As a newbie in this niche at the starting of your career, you work hard to prove yourself.

In such cases, you do not realize the damage occurring to your hands. This can also be a major disadvantage.


This article is all about what are some of the major disadvantages of a punching bag workout. Along with the advantages the punching bag has. There are some of the major disadvantages of it as well. Such as many people face hand injuries, they forget how to defend themselves in certain worse situations. Alongside this, it also creates stress in a person as it is so heavy and difficult to manage. Every point is discussed in detail above here to read.


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