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Personalized gifts ideas for someone special on their birthday

Personalized gifts ideas for someone special


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Is your special someone’s birthday, right about the corner? Do you want to make sure that you gift them something that will truly make them smile? Well, then you can think about personalized gift items. When you gift someone Customized Gifts for Birthday, they will surely remember you for it. The beauty of customized gifts is that they have a language of their own, which not only makes your special someone feel special but also helps them to understand how much they mean to you.

From thought-provoking ones to the simple and sweet adorable ones – there is a lot of ground for you to cover when it comes to giving customized gifts. Let’s take a look at some of the best options that you have.

Hamper all the way!

1. Curated hampers:

Curated hampers

Well, if you want to make sure that your partner has the best of all the cute things that they love and if you are looking for Unique personalized birthday gifts online in India, then it is best that you go with curated hampers. Filled with small tokens like letters, cards, mirrors, message bottles, this is customization at its best!

2. 24 hours hampers:

24 hours hampers

How about adding a slight twist to your hamper gift idea? You can gift them 24 hampers on their special day, one for every hour. Have them delivered or make sure that they find them, but this gift promises to be a rare and fun-filled one and they will surely have a lot of fun receiving gifts throughout the day!

The super special ones

3. Name a star:

Name a star

If you are a romantic one and you are all about that, then immortalize your love by naming a star after your special someone! And to do that all you need is their zodiac sign and you will have a star automatically assigned to them. Go ahead and try this one out for sure!

4. Host a Radio Show on Air:

Host a Radio Show on Air

Yes, that is right! If you want to look for Customized Gifts for Birthday for your partner, why not just go all the way and host a radio show for them! You will have a professional VO artist hosting the show for them which will get recorded and will be sent to you! If you want, you can play it at their surprise birthday party.

Of names and frames

5. Frame with their name:

Frame with their name

Well if you want you can always give them a frame with their name on it and to make matters way more interesting, you can simply hang pictures from them and lights too! This is a complete set that will make for one of the most unique personalized birthday gifts online in India.

6. Frame with the date:

Frame with the date

If you want you can also frame the special date and gift it to them. Either you can choose their birth dates, or you can choose any special day that you celebrate with each other as well. This one is truly a heart touching one.

It is all in Nature

7. Planting a tree:

Planting a tree

One of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give to your partner is planting a tree on their behalf. You can simply get a tree planted in their name and send them an acknowledgment on their behalf. If you are nature lovers, then this is one of the most unique personalized birthday gifts online in India!

8. For your stars only:

For your stars only

Well, is there a special moment in your life? Do you know how the stars were aligned on this special day? Well, you can get the alignment of the stars and then have it framed for your loved one to gift them on their special day! This is surely a natural sign that you are meant to be together.

Yay for Magnets

9. Birthday Magnets:

Birthday Magnets

Is your bae all yay for magnets? If they love magnets and you want to give them cool Customized Gifts for Birthday, then it is best that you go with specially curated birthday magnets with their picture. Such a cute addition to their collection!

10. Polaroid magnets:

Polaroid magnets

How about upping your magnet game a notch? Get a set of polaroid magnets with customized pictures and the best part – you will get markers with them too! So, scribble those heart felt messages and gift it to them, for their birthday!

The virtual gift basket

11. Make a video:

Make a video

Sounds cliché, but it is a classic of our virtual age. Get a video made that is completely dedicated to them. If you want Unique personalized birthday gifts online in India, then you can get a video that talks about your special someone and what they mean to you and see how their face lights up with a smile, every time they watch it!

12. 24 virtual gifts for the day:

24 virtual gifts for the day

How about surprising your loved one with a virtual gift, every hour of the day? Get this unique personalized virtual activity for your special someone and keep them engaged to your love, throughout the day!

Keeping to classy, keeping it simple

13. Combos:


One thing that never fails when it comes to Customized Gifts for Birthday are combos. Get a candle, a card and a customized mug and you are all set with a perfect present for your boo!

14. Video cards:

Video cards

How about adding just the sparkle to your gift? Opt for a specially curated video card, which when scanned with your phone, leads to a video online that has been designed especially for them to see!

Final Words

Now, that you have so many options when it comes to Unique personalized birthday gifts online in India, which are the ones that you want to go with? If you want to get the best quality ones and even more unique ideas and fun-filled ones too then you should try out OyeHappy and see what they have in store for you! Browse through their collection and you will for sure find just the right gift to surprise your special someone with, on their birthday!

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