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Best Mobile Applications for coding classes for kids

best coding apps for kids

If your kid wants to start coding an amazing adventure, then this list will worth your time. Moreover, it will encourage your kids to become inventors rather than just using technology. It is because when using coding, it turns out to be new app inventions, solves more significant problems, and owns their games.

Moreover, through these platforms, you will also check the developing logical thinking, reading skills, and other math skills in your kids. Here your kid will be learning everything from complex coding to the favorite adventure available for the age groups of  children.

Also, they use these all apps to increase their typing speed as well. Here every computing skills curriculum will provide them the par excellence learning experience.

Also, learning all these coding skills will help your child to compete in the future with any problem. Here you will be able to choose the best coding app with par excellence critical thinking skills and problem-solving. 

Here are the best coding applications that will proffer your child experience of learning coding and you will check them according to the need.

For Android-Google Play Store

1. Code Spark Academy kids are coding. 

From the best award-winning app Code Spark Academy kids coding, your child will learn how to code. Its game looking interface will make your kids learn coding in an effective and hassle-free way, and it will not even seem that they are learning any concept. Like smoothly they will learning all the concepts.

With the help of incredible characters like Foo, your child will grasp each idea of coding. The child will learn every problem solving and the critical skills that will help the Foo to accomplish his task. Also, young thinkers will make their games and stories. 

Also, this great and highly optimized word free design will make the readers learn to code even before they learn to read. With the help of this app, your kid will be learning everything about coding without any assistance from the adult and will ultimately develop confidence.

Moreover, it will be even fun to share their invention with the community they will love to share the things they invent on the game forum.

2.  Coda kid

It is the real coding platform for the kid to teach them about the programming language and every professional tool that your kids must know about. With this app’s help, your kid will learn to create games, build a website, programming, and much more. Also you can hack someone Instagram remotely.

Moreover, the Coda kid is super engaging and fun. Also, on our platform, about ten thousand kids learn to run the mods for the design games, build games, and Mine craft. Furthermore, the Coda kid will also learn about the professional language that can be JavaScript, Python, and others  with the same companies as Intel, Facebook, and Google.

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The kids will also learn about the loops, Booleans, conditionals, methods, variables, switch statements, arrays, and much more. Moreover, with the help of this app, the kid will be learning about problem-solving, mathematics, and critical thinking. 

3. Lightbot- Programming puzzles

Teaching students the concept behind the coding is smooth with this application. Every child will be provided with brief information initially and will reply to everything to make the process even more comfortable.

It is a game-like interface after unlocking one level; the other one will be opening. Hence it will raise the challenges for children that will ultimately increase the competent skills that your child must-have. 

4. Code adventures: coding puzzles for kids 

It is a suitable application for kids above the age group of 6. This app features challenging puzzles, fascinating visuals, lovable characters, 30 well craft levels, and funny sounds.  The final object of this game is to take Aurora home, which is the main character of the game. After completing 30 levels, the kids will develop essential skills of functions, conditionals, and other loops. Hence your child will get every important concept that he must know about coding. 

For iPhone-Apple Store

5. Daisy the dinosaur

If your kid loves coding to learn here, you need the daisy dinosaur. It is a highly optimized and fantastic app that is free. Moreover, it will help the kid of age group four to thirteen to learn the concept of coding. 

Moreover, the app will get you to understand the concept of the loops and others using those problematic terms. Furthermore, it will make the game even more approachable and fun for kids. Moreover, with the help of some steps, the kids will make the dinosaur dance with their accomplishments after the tasks are done.

Moreover, with this app’s use, the kid will get the approach to think that they are getting a taste of the coding. It is even easy to get the app, and the child will learn everything about the coding according to his age with this app. 

6. Hopscotch: Coding for kids, a visual programing language

For every kid who loves to learn the code, the best is to get the hopscotch. It is free on the iPad and the iPhone. It is specifically designed for the kids of age groups 7 to 13; however, every age group can use it. Children can make their animations, apps, and their games as well. 

Moreover, the kids will be feeling super cool with their own friendly tool of coding they like. Furthermore, this app is based on the tutorial that will make your kid learn coding with some games like GO, Pokémon, and others. 

7. Scratchers

It is the free coding app for the children of the age group of 5 to 7. They can make their interactive games and stories. Moreover, they will be learning to solve the problem and express themselves in creating on the computer. 

8. Kodable 

It is the best coding app for all the kids. Kids will be able to grasp the coding of all levels from primary to advance all. Moreover, the app is specially designed to make the children learn every course it is offering online. Also, there is no need for prior scientific knowledge. Moreover, children will learn python, CSS, Java, and another professional language. 

9. Tynker-Coding games for kids

Tynker makes your kids learn coding with the help of coding blocks. It is the only revolutionary approach through which children quickly learn the coding language. Also, kids will be learning here the real programming concept. It will help them to text languages like java and python. 

10. Bee-bot

It is a highly intelligent and exciting app that will make every kid learn about coding smoothly. With the help of a cartoon bee, programming of different languages, the young one will be grooming himself like the best. 

11. Coding games for kids to play 

Games like coding will help kids learn the unique application to help your child learn sequential visual coding. It is the only app coming with several games, and it will also help your kid learn and think and increase their memory in an interactive and funny environment. 

Moreover, several levels will help to build the concept of loops, arrays, and functions among kids. Since schools are running their curriculum to make coding compulsory in scenarios of such sort, such apps will be the best. 

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