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How to Block IDFC FIRST Bank ATM Card Quickly?

Block IDFC FIRST Bank ATM Card Quickly

IDFC FIRST Bank is one of the fastest-growing private sector banks in India. They are loved by their customers for so many reasons. But the most important one is the importance which they give to their customers. If you ever visit their branch or call the customer care of the bank. The importance which you get from their officials is appreciable. I have used public sector banks like State Bank of India, Canara Bank, etc. and also the private players like ICICI Bank and Axis Bank. But the treatment received from IDFC FIRST Bank is at the next level.

This bank is still new and they don’t have a good network of branches across the country. But that is not the problem as they are really working hard to expand their network. Even the interest rate which you earn on your deposits with this bank is really good. Whereas the public sector banks are offering 3% p.a. you can earn up to 7% p.a. on your savings bank account deposits. That is a really good interest rate for a deposit in a savings bank account which can help you to withdraw the money without paying penalty like you have to pay in case of fixed deposits.

And in many other banks if you want to earn 7% p.a as interest rate then you probably have to open a fixed deposit account. That is the reason why I mentioned the fixed deposit in the above paragraph. It is really a good deal when you are getting the interest PAR to that is a fixed deposit in a savings bank account. But in India, it gets hard when you have to choose between a private sector bank and a public sector bank. That is because of the trust issues which Indians have on the private players.

The debit card products of the bank are also amazing. And this article is going to be all about the debit card issued by the IDFC FIRST Bank. If you have lost your debit card somewhere then you should block your card right now immediately.

There are multiple methods that you can follow to block your IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card. I have mentioned all of them so that you can choose the one which is perfect for you. When you look at the debit card of this bank especially the Signature Debit Card it looks more like a credit card than a debit card. Not just for the looks but their signature debit card is also loved for the offers it has to give to their customers.

How to Block IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card Quickly?

Block IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card

There are different methods to block the card if you have lost it somewhere. I have mentioned all of them here. But here you should note one thing and that is you can block the card both permanently and also for a temporary basis.

I will be telling you the process to block your card permanently in this guide. But if you wish to block it for a temporary basis then you have to use the internet banking or mobile banking service of the bank. Because those two are the only methods by following which you can block your card for a temporary period of time.

Should You Block it Permanently or Temporarily?

When I say you can block the card for a temporary basis too. Then I am quite sure that you might have asked this question to you. So let me answer and explain in detail when you should go with the temporary option.

But before that, I would like to remind you that you should take immediate action on your lost debit card. Because ultimately your account balance is at stake. Do you know there are many methods which you can follow to know your balance? Read those methods here.

Now the answer to your question.

You should block it temporarily only if you believe that you have not lost your card and you have just misplaced it somewhere. And your card is at a safe place from where it can not be misused by anyone.

But if you believe that you have lost your card somewhere from where you can not get it back. Or say it might be misused then you have to block it for a permanent basis.

From Where to Block the Card Temporarily?

If you have finally decided that you wish to block your IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card for a temporary period of time. Then you have to make use of the mobile banking and internet banking features of the bank.

Just go to the official website of the bank → Login to Internet Banking → Click On Debit Cards → Choose your Debit Card → And Click on Block Temporarily.

The steps remain the same for mobile banking as well. All you have to do is log in to your mobile banking application. Select the debit card and initiate a temporary block of the card.

Ok now let us check out the different methods to block your lost IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card permanently.

Sending SMS

This is the simplest and also the fastest method that you can use to block your IDFC FIRST Bank debit card. All you have to do is send an SMS in the below-mentioned format.

BLOCK <space> XXXX to 9289289960.

Here you should not that XXXX should be replaced with your last 4 digits of the debit card. And this SMS should be sent only from your registered mobile number.

Calling Customer Care

The customer care of the IDFC FIRST Bank is really helpful. If you are facing any kind of issues with your account. Then you can always count only them.

They can also help you to block your debit card. Just give a call to the customer care on their toll-free number: 1800 419 4332.

Tell them that you have lost your debit card and you want to block the same. They will ask you a few questions for verification purposes. Answer those questions correctly and your card will be instantly blocked by them.

Internet Banking

If you wish then you can also block your debit card using the internet banking services. Just login to your internet banking account. Click on the Debit Cards option which you can find on the left side of the internet banking interface.

Select the debit card which you want to block permanently and click on proceed. The bank will send you an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP and your card will be blocked instantly.

Mobile Banking

The process remains almost similar to that of internet banking to block your card using mobile banking. But to do this you have to install the official mobile banking application of the bank on your smartphone.

Once you have installed the application you can use your internet banking credentials to log in to the app. After you login select the debit card option from the left menu.

Select your debit card to be blocked. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter the OTP and your card will be blocked. If you are running the SIM card of your registered mobile number the smartphone which you are using to block the card. Then there is no need to enter the OTP manually the application will automatically read the OTP and will proceed with the process.


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