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How to Buy An Air Conditioner with No-Cost EMI Facility This Summer?

How to Buy An Air Conditioner with No-Cost EMI Facility This Summer
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It is difficult to imagine life in the summers without an air conditioner. As the temperatures soar above 40-degree centigrade outside, AC sales in India reach new heights, highlighting the importance of this electrical appliance in every home. However, with increasing temperatures and sales, the cost of ACs also seems to be taking off. There’s a simple solution to this problem: No-Cost EMIs.

Purchasing your AC on EMIs

While purchasing a best-in-class model can come at a price, you can easily leverage the power of EMIs to convert your purchase into convenient installments that you can pay off over the course of a particular period. You can even purchase an AC on EMI at no interest if you want to avoid huge down payments in one go. You can do so with the help of no-cost EMIs.

No-Cost EMIs:

With No-Cost EMIs, no additional interest or charges will be levied on you. You are required to pay solely the purchase price of your preferred product. You can save considerable sums of money by opting for a No-Cost EMI purchase.

So if you, too, are thinking of purchasing an AC on EMI, you shouldn’t compromise on features in the name of cost, since you would be handily paying with the help of installments. Here’s how you can make the most of your No-Cost EMI purchase and select the right features for your brand new AC model:

  1. Type of AC: Window air conditioners are a good choice if your room is small. They are easier to install as compared to the split AC units. However, split ACs are less noisy and provide better cooling by circulating a higher volume of air in the room and are suitable for areas with no windows. You could also go for a mobile air conditioner which is not only affordable but also has attached wheels for better movements from one room to another. The latter works well for rented accommodations.
  2. Capacity: The capacity of an AC is an important aspect and depends on the size of the room apart from other factors. A 1-ton air conditioner can provide effective cooling in a room that is 150 square feet in area. For a room bigger than this, a higher capacity unit of 1.5 ton to 2 ton will suffice.
  3. Energy efficiency:  Every AC comes with an energy efficiency rating (EER) represented by one to 5 stars, which reflects how efficiently it consumes a unit of power. A 5 star rating AC will save more power and provide better cooling as compared to a 1 star one, providing savings of ₹737 on an average. As the cost of electricity increases, it is important to purchase an energy-efficient air conditioner to reduce your power bill.
  4. Cost of  Installation and Maintenance: Getting your brand new unit installed properly is key to its performance. Also, be clear on how much maintenance your model would require on an annual basis before making your purchase.
  5. Condenser: Choose an AC with a copper coil condenser since they are anti-corrosive, provide better cooling, and are easy to maintain.
  6. Filters: An AC with air filters that purify the indoor air of dust, pollen, bad odors, bacteria and even PM 2.5 is a good buy.

Other Factors:

Some of the other additional features that you could look at include a dehumidifier to keep the air moisture fee in monsoon, auto-clean feature, sleep mode for a comfortable sleep and power saving. Some ACs also come with a  wi-fi mode, that allows you to switch your AC on or off by connecting it to your phone. Also, enquire about the noise produced by the AC and choose a model with low decibel levels. An air conditioner that can diagnose any problems with its working and alert you of the same is also an advantage. Other factors to look out for include inverter technology, auto restart, intelligent timer, turbo cooling among others. Do check the warranty on the compressor and the AC unit before the final purchase.


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