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Buy Your Next Chamfer End Mill Online at Online Carbide and Save Money

Chamfer End Mill

Production machines use a lot of tools in the course of a day but one tool they use very often is a Chamfer End Mill.

This machine tool can perform a lot of functions that were once done by several tools.

Five Jobs Done with One Chamfer End Mill

Machinists and production floor managers alike prefer using a Chamfer End Mill when it comes to different jobs to be done on a workpiece in a production environment. Chamfer End Mills are used for chamfering, beveling, deburring, spotting and countersinking.

1 Chamfering an Edge

After a workpiece has gone through production it oftentimes has sharp edges along each side that need to be eliminated and turned into a smoother, radius-edged surface. Chamfering eliminates the unwanted sharp edge making the workpiece easier and safer to handle.

2 Beveling an Edge

In some machine processes, it is necessary to completely remove an edge and create a bevel or slope from the top surface to the bottom surface. A Chamfer End Mill can do this easily by making a cut across the face of the surface that creates the sloping edge or bevel.

3 Deburring an Edge

Frequently, in metal production processes a small, protruding point of metal left along the edge of a workpiece surface. That metal along the edge is called a “burr” and it is important to remove the burr as it may affect production processes further downline or it may cause an injury to someone handling the workpiece. Using a Chamfer tool is an excellent way to eliminate or “deburr” any edge with unwanted burrs present.

4 Spotting Surfaces

Before a drill bit can penetrate a workpiece on a production line, it is a good idea to place a small indentation at the spot where the drill bit will contact the surface. Drill bits have a tendency to deflect or bend slightly when applied to flat surfaces. The deflection makes the point of the drill bit miss the target and the workpiece can be ruined because of the misplacement of the drill bit head. Spotting eliminates the problem of drill bits skipping across surfaces by placing a small indentation or “spot” on the surface so the drill bit can do its job without deflection or skipping.

5 Countersinking Drill Holes

One last, important job a Chamfer End Mill does is countersinking drill holes. Once a hole is drilled into the workpiece, it may be necessary to increase the size of the drilled hole at the surface so the hole can accept a bolt with a head on it that needs to be at or below the surface of the workpiece. This larger hole is drilled down onto the existing hole by using a Chamfer End Mill.

Quality Materials Make Quality Tools

Online Carbide designs, engineers, and manufactures the finest Chamfer End Mills available on the market today. They accomplish this lofty goal by ensuring every tool they make meets and exceeds the standards established by containingutilizing premium 10% Cobalt Micrograincarbide.in the tool steel. The folks at Online Carbide are proud to say their tools are all “Made in the USA” because they know the difference between domestic production standards and offshore production standards.

All the Right Sizes and Styles

There are two different designs of Chamfer End Mills available from Online Carbide – the 60° End Mill and the 90° End Mill. Both designs incorporate a 4-Flute design which makes material easier to cut and improves the removal of excess shavings. The Chamfer End Mills come in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch diameters with a Bright Finish on the cutting edges.

Factory Direct Prices and Free Shipping on Orders Over $250

Saving money is always in style and Online Carbide helps their customers do that by selling their products factory direct. By eliminating the middleman tool distributors and retailers, Online Carbide is able to offer their products at incredibly low prices. In addition to the low prices, free shipping on orders over $250 keeps the savings train running on down the track.

Customer Support From Experts

There are a lot of times when customers have questions or need additional information before making their purchase. That’s not a problem for Online Carbide’s customers because they can receive the finest customer care anywhere by submitting an email to [email protected] or by calling the company’s customer support experts at 630-238-1424 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time.

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