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COMMIT AND CONTINUE: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated for Exercise

Motivated for Exercise

Exercising is very important to human health, but not everyone gets to do it because of many personal reasons. It’s something that a person should really be able to execute regularly and stay Motivated for Exercise, but because of time constraints and the responsibilities one has, it seems to be impossible. It’s something that should get you hyped and ready for the day as you do it in the morning, but because of mood changes and laziness, it becomes part of many tomorrows’ schedule.

It’s not easy to begin exercising. At the same time, staying and continuing is also one of the biggest challenges. There are many things that may distract you of your focus on exercising. There are many reasons that pull you out of your healthy workout routine. That’s why you must learn how to stay motivated to exercise. 

To aid you with that, here are 5 practical ways you should give importance to so you can be more inspired to exercise:

Start Early

You can exercise in the afternoon or in the evening, but exercising early in the morning has benefits that only doing so can give. You should literally start early. Wake up early, get up early and workout early. You can go jogging, walking or running before gradually upgrading your exercise routines into more intense ones according to your need and desire. 

In the morning, you are starting a fresh day, and that’s the perfect time of the day wherein you haven’t done anything to make you occupied. You’re not busy with other things yet, so you can allot that vacant time in the morning for exercise. Unless you have an early appointment, there’s no need for you to be in a rush while you exercise. You can take your time.

Moreover, the tendency of starting late is that you will get lazy, and you will no longer be in the mood for it. You will say to yourself, “Oh well, I guess I’m not in the mood anymore. Tomorrow it is!” That’s why you should take advantage of the morning when you still feel like moving! Don’t wait for the laziness to flow in you actively before you start your regularly scheduled exercise!

Also, if you start late in the afternoon or in the evening, there’s a big chance that you will prefer to rest. The day has been long and tiring that you will feel like resting and sleeping would be the best things to do.

Start early. Start while you’re in it. In that way, you’ll keep going!

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Know Success Stories

While not everybody probably gets impressed with workout success stories, it’s something that you should also take time reading about or watching! A lot of people are exercising not primarily to look good but to be healthy or healthier. Whichever is your aim, success stories of those who began working out to lose a lot of weight or to gain more confidence in themselves can truly inspire and motivate!

If you are serious with your workout journey and your fitness goals, you will find those true-to-life accounts as your drive and inspiration. Reaching the end of the fitness quest doesn’t happen in a week or two. It takes months and a lot of sweat and sacrifices. 

Those people who share their fitness success stories and inspirations are not always influential people in social media, and they don’t have to be those. They can be just ordinary people who, because of their discipline and hard work, learned to love themselves more after attaining their fitness goals, coming from a tough battle!

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Use Your Jams

It might seem little, but using your favorite music while you exercise does so much! It can let you be more motivated in exercising just like how it can wake you up when you are already sleepy but have to finish your papers! You might feel like giving up on working out already, but the songs you love keep you moving! 

Regardless if you are using dance exercise routines or utilizing your exercise equipment for your intense workouts, you can play your choice of music. In that way, you won’t pay too much attention to your difficult routines. Also, your lazy, bad or demotivated mood can be uplifted. In no time, the dull-feeling you can be replaced with enthusiasm and brightness full of rays of sunshine! 

Challenge Yourself

You are not always up for exercising and working out. There are times when you feel like “cheat day” that happens often is alright. There are times when you feel like you should and can just stop. You waste all efforts if you are not aware and that if you don’t do something to maintain your self-discipline. You yourself can pull you out of the fitness track. 

On the other hand, you yourself is also the source of your top motivation. Who can encourage you to work out more than yourself? Anyone can suggest and remind you, but who can push you completely? It’s you. Upgrade your workout routines. Learn using different and advanced exercise equipment. See what else you can improve on in other areas of health and fitness. If what you really want and need is at the end of the finish line, get ready and be always prepared. Don’t allow yourself to be stagnant. Explore and challenge yourself. 

Always Keep in Mind Your Purpose

Lastly, for you to stay motivated, you should never ever forget what brought you to take a step in there in the first place. 

Why did you begin regularly exercising and working out? Why are you spending lots of time for it? Why is it alright for you even if the exercise equipment are so heavy and the routines are too tiring? Why are you ignoring your sweat just to finish your workout for the day? Why did you decide to spend money on the gym and on buying your own expensive exercise equipment? Why do you cancel your games and plans to push through with it? Why do you give up your favorite foods just to have the discipline that exercising requires? What do you want to get after it? Is it worth it? 

You must ask all those questions and more to yourself. If ever you plan or feel like quitting in the middle of your workout journey, again, recall why you’ve been doing it in the first place. 

Commit and Continue

Working out is not like riding a vehicle wherein you can hop off in the middle of the journey when you feel like you just want to walk. Working out needs continuity and consistency if you absolutely want to get what you want and obtain its biggest and most helpful boons. It’s not easy to begin, and it’s definitely the most challenging to continue. If you will just stop halfway, you will not just waste all your efforts, but you will also experience the unfavorable effects of suddenly halting. 

Exercising is essential. Not everyone is able to start, so if you have already committed to it, stay until the end. Even if it’s straining and demanding in many ways, you need to stay motivated if you really are running towards your healthy fitness goals!

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