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Buying Tools From Solid Carbide End Mills Manufacturers

Carbide End Mills Manufacturers

Milling is a fabrication process that involves using cutting tools at high speeds to produce parts faster and with more precision than working by hand. The widespread use of CNC technology and quality cutting tools has made milling on all scales more accessible than ever. As a result, solid carbide end mills manufacturers are offering high-quality tools to make it easier to mill parts in large quantities without having to worry about premature tool failure.

The milling process is not a gentle one. Running high speeds and feeds will help you tear through material quickly, but it will also wear down your cutting tools. No cutter is going to last forever, but the lifespan of your end mills will vary greatly based on the materials used to construct them.

One of the cheaper options when it comes to end mills is high-speed steel, commonly called HSS. This is a steel alloy designed to hold its temper(hardness) even when subjected to the high heat levels that machining can cause. Regular tool grade steel will become soft when heated, leading to the cutting edges quickly losing their sharpness. Despite the increased use of HSS end mills, these tools are still limited to milling softer materials. If your shop wants to mill parts from harder metals, you need to buy your tools from solid carbide end mills manufacturers.

Carbide is a unique tool making material because it combines the strength of metal with the incredible rigidity and hardness of a ceramic. Tungsten carbide, the most commonly used carbide stock, is a powdered grey ceramic in its raw form. This material, composed of equal parts tungsten and carbon, is twice as strong and hard as steel. In order to be used for tool making, powdered carbide is compressed and cemented together using a metal, typically cobalt, to create a solid material that is perfect for tool making.

This hard carbide stock will retain its edge at high speeds and its stiffness means that you will not have to worry about the tool oscillating and slipping off your mark. The stability of cemented carbide is also ideal for high-speed milling of hard materials because they will not dull as fast as an HSS tool. Even when milling wood and other softer materials, these carbide tools will outlast and outperform similar steel cutters.

At Online Carbide, all of their end mills and drill bits are made using high-quality solid carbide stock. The team at Online Cabide machine this hard material into tools using the same robot fed 5 axis CNC grinders that other leading solid carbide end mill manufacturers in the industry. Unlike their competitors, Online Carbide offers its tools at manufacturer direct pricing to help its customers save big on high-quality cutters.

So if your shop needs new carbide cutting tools, the team at Online Carbide has great deals on all of the tools you will need. Their catalog includes square end mills, round end mills, full form thread mills, single pitch thread mills, variable end mills, end mills for aluminum, 6 flute end mills, chamfer mills, drill mills, center drills, spot drills, stub drills, and jobber drills. All over their tools are made with quality solid carbide with no cheap carbide tipped or coated tools. You can also find tools with coating options to help further protect your end mills and drill bits from wearing down. If you have any questions about their inventory, you can reach a member of the Online Carbide team at [email protected] or 630-238-1424.

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