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How to maintain your minibike in the winter season?


If you are planning to buy a minibike for yourself or your kids, and if the winter season is just a couple of months away, then you should know how to maintain your bike in the chilling winter season.

If you are living in southern states, then you don’t have to worry about winter storage and maintenance of your dirt bike, but for somewhere cold reigns supreme- you need to put extra effort and care in order to maintain your bike properly. Many people keep their bikes in their garage and put a cover on it for the whole winter season. Well, so much carelessness regarding the maintenance of your mini bike will not only degrade its durability but it will also affect its performance as well. Just hibernating your bike during the winter season isn’t enough if you want to take out your bike in the spring season and don’t want to face any big maintenance issues.

So, let’s look at some of the tips that you can use to maintain your mini bike during the winter season.

Filter and fresh oil

This is surely a no brainer for most people but still many forget this important point. It is very uncommon for most of the riders to put their bikes aside and change the oil after a month but it can happen during the winter season. You should know that in many places, the roads are completely covered with snow and that’s why people keep their minibikes in their garage for a long period. Well, in such a situation, you should always change the oil because keeping oil in the tanker of your mini bike will affect its smoothness.

You will need to put fresh oil and filter before storing the mini bike and then coat the external parts with fresh lubricants. This way, you will be able to ride your minibike without any hassle during the spring season.

Fill up your fluids

It is very necessary to always double-check coolant fluids, clutch and brake of your bike during the winter season. You will also need to replace or refill these parts if required. But it is also very important to use the right quality of fluid. In most of the cases, it is always a better idea to use that type of fluid as recommended by the manufacturer. If you are planning to store your mini bike for a long time, then you should completely drain the motorcycle’s fluid and then refill it when you are ready to use it.

If you are living in a place where the temperature reaches sub-zero, then you will need to check the antifreeze of the bike to prevent the engine from freezing. Keep the shifter, kickstand and throttle lubed up.

Never drain out the battery

If you have a Honda clone buy online, then you might witness a slight battery drain even if the ignition is off. This happens with every mini bike, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the bike. This is why you should never drain the battery’s charge completely because it might affect the clock and radio presets. You can either take out the battery completely from your bike and trickle-charge it all winter. Or, if you are not ready to take out the battery, then you will need to store the minibike with a completely charged battery. If you are going to select the latter, then you will need to charge the battery once a month.

Leave on a stand

There is no denial in the fact that most of the riders keep their mini bikes on stand anyway but it becomes more important if you are planning to hibernate your bike during the winter season. If you use to block or jacks in your minibike, then it might hamper some of the parts of the bike. If you will let your dirt bike rest in one position, then it will degrade the tire and can also hamper the suspension as well. If you are diligent, then you can always move the bike a foot or two after every 5 or 6 days. But it will be a lot more convenient for you if you will let your minibike rest on the stand.

Maintenance of your mini bike during the winter season is completely different from the summer season because, during the winter season, the mini bike is stored in the garage for a long time. From keeping your bike lubricated to performing the pre-check before riding your bike, you will need to do many things in order to keep your bike away from the damage done by the harsh winter season.


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