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How chatbots are changing the conversion game in digital marketing?

How chatbots are changing the conversion game in digital marketing

Some years back, the idea of chatbots was still a mystery for people. Artificial Intelligence wasn’t well understood by everyone and it was reserved for science fiction movies.

Fast forward today, almost every website is indulging with the profitable fruits of artificial intelligence.


Through an AI-powered robot, called a Chatbot.

AI-powered robot

AI has truly transformed its occurrence, and importance in the zone of digital marketing. And chatbots are the most exciting elements amongst them. Chatbot services are being employed by all types of businesses be it small, medium, and large-sized.

Chatbots allow automation to become a part of your customer service support while adding to the efficiency of your agents. Such is the ease and utility of these AI machines, that they are everywhere now.

Since you’re reading this article means that you own a business, and an impression of it is also built digitally.

But, are you able to answer all customer queries on your website, even all odd hours?

Can you inform your visitors about your products and services?

Or maybe, you’ve noticed that your web traffic is growing, you are getting more Click-Through Rates (CTR), but you can’t seem to drive sales and revenue out of it.

Digital marketing is an art, and only a digitally adept artist can excel in it.

Chatbots are an efficient tool for digital marketing and their prominence is only going to increase in the coming years.

What is a Chatbot, exactly?

A bot is nothing but a computer program that automates certain tasks like mimicking human conversations in the form of text or speech.

How do they do it?

Using artificial intelligence.

What is a Chatbot

Chatbots are mainly used for interacting with numerous people round the clock, and resolve simple to complex queries while conversing in a human-like manner.

These bots are very intelligent, they can understand complex requests, personalize responses, and improve customer interactions. Furthermore, these tools have evolved tremendously, providing impeccable results, such that, they can surpass human abilities as well.

How can chatbots help in transforming digital marketing?

Now, that you know what chatbots are, let’s learn how their services can help in transforming the digital marketing sector.

transforming digital marketing
  • Automates the recurring processes in your business

Marketing takes time and money. It requires a streamlined process, executives in action, and taking charge of the same steps conducted multiple times.

Chatbots can make it easier for you. Instead of focusing on repetitive actions, you can focus on the core strategies while letting a Chatbot take care of the other tasks. They are perfect for managing the initial steps of marketing, gathering all the essential information, answering general customer service questions, or providing direction on common tech issues.

But, there is a certain type of threat instilled in people’s minds that robots will replace humans very soon. No matter, how popular and revenue-friendly chatbots or any other AI-tech becomes, humans will still be an important part of the workforce.

  • Improve the service experience

Whenever you open a website, you receive a pop-up notification of a Chatbot in action. Well, that’s because of their exceptional conversational power. Chatbots are great with customer service and can take care of all the things right from asking about the customer’s needs to answering queries they have.

In today’s customer-centric world, a service response has to be quick and convenient.

Chatbots can fulfill all the needs, quick response, accurate results, and solutions to all their queries.

They are so well programmed that they can provide multiple responses to the same question. These responses are programmed in the database of the Chatbot. It serves amazing advantages as well.

  • Reduces customer wait time
  • Reduces the stress on service representatives
  • Provides services 24*7
  • Doesn’t require an agent to be active at all times
  • Express your brand with a powerful voice

Building a brand from scratch is a tedious process, especially, in this competitive world of today. If you are losing on brand value and recognition because of faulty digital marketing services, then chatbots can certainly help.

Chatbots distribute content that echoes finely with the mission and values of a brand. It facilitates a bond between a brand and a customer. They can educate a customer about brand benefits, discounts, and promotional offers.

Chatbots are coded to provide customer engagement levels, brand mentions, and improve a customer’s perspective about a brand.

  • Collect the data and research

While chatbots are interacting with the customers on the frontend, they are also collecting data, monitoring customer behavior, and keeping a check on their buying patterns on the backend.

Using this data, a business analyst can get the idea of the customer’s mindset, their preference, and their buying standard. Collectively, this data can help in formulating digital marketing strategies accordingly like top guest post site lists.

  • Aids in social media marketing

Social media is and will be the most preferred platform for brand advertisement and endorsement in the coming decade. Since machine learning and artificial intelligence has become a prominent part of business operations, adding chatbots as an extension to your social media profiles can help in resolving all the initial level of queries.

You can hire the top digital marketing companies to take care of all such social media marketing needs while you can research about the core processes.

There are several benefits of getting Chatbot services as a part of your digital marketing strategies. These include

  • Saves time
  • Very diligent
  • Cost-effective
  • Can gather surplus data
  • Doesn’t need a human agent active all the time, even at odd hours
  • Is quick and agile
  • Engage customers for post-sales inquiries

Chatbots are not only a perfect customer queries handling tool, they can even engage in outbound digital marketing services. That means, chatbots can proactively handle all customer engagement and send promotional messages post-sales too. This proves very fruitful in digital marketing.

Suppose, a customer bought a product. Now, chatbots can consistently send the promotional or follow-up messages, to ensure that the buyers are happy with their purchase and well informed about the latest offers. They can even announce a new offer or a new product launch.


Effective communication is what strengthens the bond between a brand and a customer. A Chatbot can take part in realistic and accurate human-like conversations.

Summarizing it, chatbots are a perfect fit in your digital marketing strategy.

They can interact with customers in a real-time manner, convert visitors to customers, collect data, cross-reference it, conduct demographic analysis, work as a brand spokesperson, and provide a dynamic and human-like conversation platform to the customers.

Customers are always looking out for an amazing experience and chatbots can provide that to them. They bridge the gap between a brand and customers, therefore, automating the process of human conversation. Chatbots provides brands with the best of both the worlds, automated process for fewer human errors, and an all-time active medium for conversation between a brand and a customer.


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