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CRM Tools: How to Sell More During the Pandemic?

CRM Tools

In the last decade, machines and software have increasingly taken over redundant human tasks that can slow down business operations. Documentation of consumer information is no different. Before the digital age, such information was recorded manually in sales and marketing teams.

The method was replaced by Rolodexes that allowed a representative to spin through index cards with data and make changes if necessary. Then came the databases attached to individual computers; technology which allowed digital entries. And finally, we have CRM (customer relationship management) tools that are used by many organizations currently.

Customer information is of utmost importance to an organisation. It allows sales representatives to understand the interests and needs of the buyers and subsequently provides a highly satisfactory experience. Hence, access to this data must be efficient and hurdle-free. For this, CRM tools are the way to go!

What is a Customer Relationship Management Tool?

It refers to any strategy or process that allows you to manage customer information and analyze it when required. By doing so, it connects several departments, organizes their activities and notes regarding buyers in a legible format. Now, we all know that businesses have been hit hard during the pandemic.

This unforeseen circumstance has greatly affected trade and thus, more and more companies are trying to achieve business continuity. CRM tools can create a positive consumer experience and encourage loyalty towards your firm in these tough times. But how? What do these programs do for sales teams exactly?

Why you need to have a CRM tool to Increase Sales during a Pandemic:

The phrase ‘customer is king’ is just as true as it is a cliché. Gone are the days when a good product brought you recurring business. Now, it is about the experience the buyers receive.

According to a 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report by Microsoft, a whopping 96% of respondents admitted that their loyalty to a firm is affected by the consumer experience. However, a positive endeavor not only encourages a consumer to repeatedly support your organization but also spreads the word—online reviews can greatly shape your brand’s image.

The pandemic has shaken up the economy and trade has taken a devastating hit. Customers are not backing away from purchases; however, they are choosing favourites. People are limiting their shopping and are sticking to brands that can deliver well. Hence, loyalty is of utmost importance today.

Need to ensure customer support during a pandemic? A CRM tool is the safest bet:

Get your Facts Straight and in one Place

There’s a problem with databases on individual machines. They work, if not slightly inconveniently, in an office setting where you can walk up to a certain machine for information.

But since everyone is now working from home due to the pandemic, the only gadgets available to you are your own devices. How can everyone access details of a consumer if storage is limited to one device? Answer: They cannot.

A CRM tool gathers all the collected data into one system supported by cloud-based solutions. Since this information is stored online, anyone with permissions can access the same. This enables remote working and maintains business standards.

Contacts, purchase history, communications and much more will be available to you in a few clicks. Cloud telephony integrated CRM can collect data from all platforms including social media, calls, and other general interaction. Changes to this data are also saved and thus, every department is on the same page.

Let the Sales Team Sell

The above-mentioned statement seems obvious. Unfortunately, the reality is that sales representatives are often burdened with several administrative tasks that take time away from the very thing for which they have been hired. Manual entries are not only tedious but also repetitive. Hence, several agents usually spend their time repeating the same tasks.

2020 has posed enough external problems, your organisation does not require this internal one.

With a CRM tool, you can get rid of this fallacy. By streamlining these tasks, you can award your sales representatives with more time to focus on their primary objective: selling.

You can shorten the sales cycle as your agents will be aware of exactly what consumers expect at a certain stage of the transaction. It is important to keep moving forward rather than looping around the same activities.

Plan for the Future and Keep Track of the same

Information is vital while planning for future sales objectives and targets. By regularly analysing consumer information saved by CRM tools, you can take the best route of action.

Schedules on the daily can be prepared and sales priorities can be recognised and conveyed by studying the interests and needs of your consumers. Plan ahead to avoid any probable mistakes and drive sales. But how do you know if your plans are even working?

Thanks to CRM tools, you are provided with reports and statistics that can show you your progress. Since the process is automated, transparency and accuracy are guaranteed. With a few clicks, you can avail the details of your representatives’ performance and work on the problems respectively.

Follow up with your Buyers in Time

Business is not about gaining a sale but about retaining them. It is the repeated sales that promise your company long-term success. However, 2020 has definitely not boosted the purchasing spirit in consumers. So, why not give them a nudge in the preferred direction?

Using customer information, you can recognise patterns in their purchase history. If a product is due for a replacement or renewal, you can simply remind your buyers to do the same. Communication at the right time can prevent buyers from considering other options.

Furthermore, you can also use the information to upsell a product—provide them with higher-end alternatives to their regular purchase. With the use of a CRM tool, you are more likely to close a prospective sales deal.

Zero in on your Consumers’ Needs

At the end of the day, every company needs happy customers. Hence, limited statistics about their purchase history and calls will do you no good. With CRM tools, however, you can access much more than just a few numbers.

Using cloud telephony and artificial intelligence, you can also explore the behavior and interests of the buyer. Using patterns that they display; you can anticipate their preferences and needs.

Personalise their experience according to their expectations. You can also bring in the marketing team into the conversation when required. Make the sale worth their money and loyalty.


The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on sales for several industries. People are saving their penny as economic depression slowly rolls through the country. Consumers are limiting their purchases to a handful of companies that they trust.

However, as the months roll by, we have learned to adapt to the situation using technology and cloud-based solutions. CRM tool is also an example of a cloud-based solution.

By organizing and consolidating information on buyers, this system not only allows your employees to comfortably access information remotely but also enables collaboration between departments. It empowers the sales department by shortening the sales cycle and increasing the time dedicated to actual selling.

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