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Karva Chauth 2020 – Moonrise Time, Pooja Vidhi & Muhurat

Karva Chauth 2020-Moonrise Time, Pooja Vidhi & Muhurat

Karva Chauth is the festival of Hindu religion, in which married women keep on fasting & pray for their husband’s long life & good health. According to the Purnima calendar, it falls on Sankashti Chaturthi & celebrated in Kartik month.

Karva Chauth festival

This is found as a combination of religious belief & your true love towards your partner. The preparation for the Karva Chauth celebration starts from 2 days before by buying a new dress, shringar, etc. & applying mehndi on their hands & feet.

There are stories behind Karva Chauth, that Savitri begged Lord Yamaraj & traced back her husband from death & in this way, this festival started when the wife prays to god for their husband every year. And next, consider for Goddess Parvati strict fasting for their husband Lord Shiva.

Another story is about Draupadi, who kept a strict fast for the sake of Arjuna which was suggested by Lord Krishna for Arjuna’s safe return. And, Arjuna returned safely afterward. These all stories about love & belief for their husband where god listened your pray & fulfill for the sake of true love.  

Pooja Vidhi for Karva Chauth

As per the Hindu ritual, this festival celebration starts before the moon sets in the morning, as after taking bath women to take the pledge for the well-being of husband & eat foods called sargi got from their mothers-in-law. And after the moonset, they start with restricted upavasa or fast without taking water & food for the day till the moonrise.

Pooja Vidhi for Karva Chauth

According to Hindu tradition, the Pooja vidhi for Karva Chauth is done by Women sitting in a circle in the evening with complete shringar suhag and listen to Karva Chauth’s Katha by rotating their thali in a clockwise direction. Women break their fast with the first feed of water by their husband after moonrise, and afterward, they can eat & drink water after completion of pure fasting.

Pooja Muharat for Karva Chauth 2020

As per drik panchang, the  Pooja Muharat for Karva Chauth 2020 is from 5:34 PM to 6:50 PM, at this time women get start their Pooja vidhi. And, fasting time starts from 06:35 AM to 8:12 PM.

Moonrise Time for Karva Chauth 2020

Moonrise Time for Karva Chauth 2020

According to drik panchang, Moonrise time for Karva Chauth 2020  is 08:50 PM when the women can see the moon for their completion of fast.

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