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Custom Big-Commerce Design Has Its Advantages


Finding the right platform for your eCommerce website can be half the battle. You must choose a platform that provides the features and design that will help your site succeed.

BigCommerce is not without reason one of the leading platforms in the industry. It provides the speed and features dealers need and customers want to see. BigCommerce has an open API, many different topics to choose from, and many apps that can expand your site customization options.

Here are some of the benefits of custom BigCommerce design:

Designing a BigCommerce website can be easy and time-saving. The use of the platform is simple and allows the completion of changes and design. It’s also very easy to integrate apps with one click and drag and drop to customize certain parts of the site in one step. The open API allows developers and designers to further customize the site simply by making changes to HTML and CSS coding. There are also many user-friendly topics.

The designs and templates available for Custom Bigcommerce Design are responsive and easy to work with, making customization easy and time-saving.

With the Stencil Theme Platform from Bigcommerce, you can easily make changes to the store features so you can easily view your inventory and items, and change store features like custom colors, number of items displayed, and fonts to make the Big-commerce store complete to design according to your wishes.

BigCommerce designs are responsive and optimized for mobile devices that make so many purchases. The BigCommerce designs are compatible with mobile devices. It’s important to have a mobile-friendly website that improves mobile search placement because it’s so much about mobile.

BigCommerce themes also provide great features like inventory tracking and management. This will allow you to easily set a level for each product and get notified when supplies are running out or running out. There are also BigCommerce settings and analytics that can show who does not make a purchase and help you fight abandoned shopping carts.

Contact 1Digital Agency for individual Bigcommerce design and all your eCommerce needs. They have been a proud partner of Big-commerce since 2012 and have experts who know the peculiarities of the entire platform and are in constant communication with Bigcommerce.

Between this and the ease of editing and theme selection, you’re sure to get a website design that’s right for your business, promotes your brand, and puts you on the right path to e-commerce success.

Choose the right agency to help you optimize your website. Give your website a great look and feel, and develop it to work well and function properly. Bring all elements together in the puzzle. You need a team that you can trust from top to bottom.

This is a partner that puts your interests first and integrates the steps that will make your eCommerce business successful. They know what it takes to create a great website. They know how to properly develop a website and how to make it responsive and interactive. They know how to produce content that is picked up by search engines to improve your placement and organic traffic.

All these elements can decisively influence the success of your online shop. Turn to the experts and enhance your website with the great big-business development, design, and digital marketing that work.

Benefits with BigCommerce topics:

Each design template ships with all e-commerce sales and marketing tools. However, if your business needs specific apps, many of them can be integrated into shopping platforms like Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, and Etsy with just one click. There is a wide range of administrative functions such as:

Inventory Tracking and Management – Define rules and inventories for each product. Determine the inventory that triggers low or out of stock email alerts.

Abandoned Shopping Carts Restore Settings and Analytics – Custom emails are automatically sent to customers who have not completed the purchase. Providers see an increase of up to 30% in conversions with this feature.

Voucher Code Creation – Create custom vouchers to test promotions and increase sales. Manage everything from the dashboard to focus on geotargeting, shipping, and other variables.


BigCommerce designers appreciate the ease of working within the platform as it saves many hours. Most apps can be integrated with one click and the designs can be dragged and dropped. Whether you own or outsource in-house designers, you can save significant costs.


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