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A Custom BigCommerce Design Has Its Advantages

Custom BigCommerce Design

Finding the right platform for your eCommerce website can be half of the battle. You need to choose a platform that can accommodate the features and design that will help your website succeed.

BigCommerce is a leading platform in the industry for a reason, it offers the speed and features that merchants need and customers want to see. BigCommerce has an open API, many different themes to choose from and many apps that can increase the possibilities for customizing your website.

Here are a few of the advantages of a custom BigCommerce design.

Designing a BigCommerce website can be easy and save a lot of time. Using the platform is simple and that can allow for easy changes and design to be completed. It is also very easy to integrate apps with one click and easily drag and drop to adjust certain parts of the website with one step. The open API gives developers and designers the ability to customize the website further by simply making changes to the HTML and CSS coding. There are also many easy-to-use themes available.

The themes and templates available for Custom Bigcommerce Design are responsive and easy to work with, making customization easy and time-saving.

BigCommerce’s Stencil Theme Platform allows for easy changes to be made to store features so that you can display your inventory and items easily and change store features like custom colors, number of items displayed, and font to make the BigCommerce store all your own.

BigCommerce designs are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, where so many purchases are made. The BigCommerce themes are compatible with mobile devices. It’s important to have a mobile-optimized site that is improving rankings for mobile searches since so much is done through mobile devices.

BigCommerce themes also offer great features like inventory tracking and management, making it easy to set levels for each product and to get notified when stock is starting to run low or run out. There are also settings and analytics available from BigCommerce that can show who is not completing a purchase and helping you combat abandoned carts.

When it comes to custom BigCommerce design and any of your eCommerce needs, turn to 1Digital Agency for help. They have been a proud partner of BigCommerce since 2012 and have experts that know the ins and outs of the entire platform who are also in constant communication directly with BigCommerce.

Between this and the overall editing ease and theme selection, you are sure to get a website design that works for your business, promotes your brand and gets you on the right track to eCommerce success.

Choosing the right agency to help you through the ins and outs of a platform and making the right adjustments to optimize your website, giving it a great look and feel that catches the eye and developing it to work well and function properly bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together. You need a team you can trust from top to bottom. 1Digital Agency is that team.

This is a partner that puts your best interests first, integrating the steps that make your eCommerce business successful. They know what it takes to create a great website design. They know what it takes to develop a website properly and make it responsive and interactive. They know how to produce content that gets picked up by search engines and improves your rankings and organic traffic.

All of these elements coming together can make all the difference in the success of your online store. So turn to the experts and start improving your website with great BigCommerce development, design, and digital marketing that works.

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