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Devina Jasmine Deo-Tips To Improve Your UI Design In Production Phase


What user experience for your mobile application? How to optimize it? What does UX design mean? You have certainly heard of UX and UI Design and their importance in a mobile application. But what are these barbaric terms The UI corresponds to the “ User Interface? It is the link between the system and the user. The Devina Jasmine Deo makes a web or mobile application pleasant to consult and use.

However, to simply optimize the interface would be to design the form without the background. Without taking into account the real expectations and needs of the user. This is why the UI is often confused with the UX because it is an integral part of the user experience. It is only the visible side of the iceberg.

The UX comes from the “User Experience”.

The UX covers all aspects of the experience between the user and your application, including design, user interface, physical and manual interactions. It is on this subject that we will dwell on in this article so that you offer the best experience to your users on your mobile application.


There is a Devina Deo offering clear and detailed steps to provide the best experience for your users.

This is explained very simply by focusing first on the center of the image.

Your objective is to obtain value (“Value”) through a positive user experience (“User Experience”). It is then a balanced situation where each party wins: the user (“Customer”) and you (“Provider”).

Based on this principle, the infographic details the user experience in a series of 6 phases composed of 30 factors strategically placed.

  • Findability = Findability: The application must be easy to find, in particular, thanks to referencing.
  • Usefulness = Usefulness: The mobile user must easily find the answers to his questions. The application must be free of errors.
  • Credibility = Credibility: Be consistent with the brand image. Your users need to be reassured and convinced.
  • Usability = Ease of use: The application must be easy to use and intuitive for easy reference
  • Desirability = Desirability: Make you want thanks to the graphics and ergonomics
  • Accessibility = Accessibility: Your application must be supported by all devices and technologies

In order for your mobile application to fulfill these 6 characteristics, you must follow 4 major steps.


First step: defining your UX strategy.

It is essential that your mobile application precisely meets the expectations of your users. To do this, ask yourself about these three pillars: your goals, the needs of your users and the context of the use of your mobile application.

Let’s start with your goals.


In other words, what benefits are expected from your mobile app.

It is very important that the UX meets your goals but also those of your users. Remember, this is a win-win situation.

The most common quantitative targets for companies are measurable performance indicators.

  • Improve conversion rate
  • Increase the time spent on a screen
  • Increase the number of downloads of the application
  • Double the number of monthly subscriptions
  • Lower basket abandonments
  • etc.

The qualitative objectives are less precise:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Improve the order process
  • etc.

It is true that to achieve your goals, you must make decisions and make choices. The difficulty is to find a balance between your needs and those of your users.

This is why it is necessary to conduct research to identify the problem or problems to be solved by your future mobile users.

Also determine the context of the use of your mobile application: what are the uses? With whom? What time of day will your application be used? etc.

Create the personas of your Mobile Users to target the right profiles. By creating the robot portraits of your future users, with JustDeo designs, you will identify users’ behavior, their habits, their moods, their concerns and adapt your communication accordingly.


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