Home Health Medicine What are Erectile Dysfunction drugs? Which One is Good For You?

What are Erectile Dysfunction drugs? Which One is Good For You?

Erectile Dysfunction drugs
Erectile Dysfunction drugs

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual weakness that controls the erection intensity of a male. It can be frustrated and depression for a young man to have the erection issue. Though it is normally associated with age, the problem can also strike younger men.

Erectile dysfunction has two issues intertwined and both are part of erectile issues. First is a man finding it difficult to get an erection, and then the second is to sustain the erection. There are several issues that give birth to erectile issues. Erectile dysfunction drugs overcome the weak erection to enable a man to have satisfactory sex with the partner.

Erectile dysfunction drugs

The factors which cause erectile issue basically reduce the supply of blood to the sexual organ. The blood supply to the sexual organ gives an erection that is necessary for penetrative sex. With the lack of blood, the erection issue emerges.  The drugs used for the erection increase blood flow to the sexual organ and make the erection happen easily. The basic function of all the drugs used for the erection issue is the same. The only difference is in their name and the chemicals they contain.

Viagra is the first drug to help men overcome erectile issues without any medical treatment. It comes in various dosages to let a man choose the best dose aligned with the intensity of the erectile dysfunction. Viagra 150 mg is a higher dose used to overcome the erectile issue that a lower dose failed to treat. Viagra has sildenafil, as an active ingredient that does the basic function of increasing blood flow to the sexual organ.  

Viagra 150 mg

You can also buy a generic version of Viagra, Cenforce 100 mg at a much lower cost. All generic versions of all drugs are available with the same ingredients as their patent versions. The active ingredient of the erectile dysfunction drugs mix with the blood and support the function of the nitrate oxide to expand the blood vessels. The expansion in the blood vessels increases the flow of blood towards the sexual organ of a man. All erectile dysfunction drugs are known as PDE5 inhibitors. They restrict the function of the PDE 5 to let cGMP enzyme function to keep the blood vessels or arteries expanded for at least 4-5 hours. This is the duration of the drugs that allow the man to have a sexual encounter without any inhibition.

Cenforce 100 mg

The erection process starts when a thought takes place in the mind. The mind sends a signal to the nerve system and nitrate oxide is released in the soft tissue of the penis. It starts the function of moving blood towards the sexual organ. However, due to the presence of PDE5, an enzyme, blood vessels get constricted and reduce the flow of the blood. The Viagra or any other erectile dysfunction drug supports the function of nitrate oxide, at the same time keeping the function of the PDE5 in check.

The expansion in the blood vessels of the penis causes the stoppage of the blood backward thus ensuring that erection is sustained for the duration of sex. Viagra gives at least 4 hours of capacity to sustain the erection after getting one for sex. The duration is the same for all dosages of the same drug.

There are some who like a stronger dose in less quantity to keep the side effects minimized. They prefer Levitra 20 mg which lasts up to 5 hours. The active chemical in Levitra, vardenafil, also performs the same basic function of expanding the blood vessels for increased blood supply. It is considered friendly medicines for men who like to smoke and drink a little before the sexual session.

Levitra 20 mg

Basic simple precautions for getting the best of the erectile dysfunction drugs

As in the case of other medicines, we also have to take some basic simple steps in the use of erectile dysfunction drugs. The first is seeking a medical consultation before choosing any erectile dysfunction drug. Let a doctor examine your medical history, current health status and degree of erectile dysfunction. A comprehensive medical check helps you to pick up the best dosage of the erectile dysfunction medicines to overcome the erection difficulties.

Cialis 40 mg

With proper medical guidance, you may want to experiment with the Cialis 40 mg, an ED medication that provides a long window period of 36 hours. Some men prefer a long period of support to get an erection because they do not have to rush in to complete the sexual activity in 4 hours. But if you are facing any medical problem, then a long impact period may not be a good idea.


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